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Tell jokes

Give kids a giggle with some of your best jokes. They will have a blast re-telling them to all of their friends and other family members. Hours of entertainment to be had if you have some pearlers on hand!

Jokes for kids: Dogs

Dog-gone are the days of little laughter in the house when the kids get wind of these great kids dog jokes. From mutt ado about nothing to poochy perfection, we have it covered with these 10 top jokes for kids!

Father’s Day jokes

Dad always has some pearlers that are just NOT funny! Give him a taste of his own medicine this Father;s day, or any day really! These jokes might load him up on ammunition for the future, so be warned!

Knock knock jokes for kids

"Knock knock." "Who's there?" Quite often, these jokes can leave you not wanting to open the door, but these top 10 knock knock jokes will have you reeling with suspense and giggling with your children as these riddles are delivered.

Jokes for kids: Cats

Cats are the target of many great children's jokes and these cat jokes for kids are no exception. Print these out for the kids and all of their friends can share in the laughter cats bring into the world!

Fool jokes

Try and fool the kids with these great jokes all about fools. The kids will love passing these onto their mates at school or even their teachers and for a moment, just a moment, they might get one up on you!

Jokes for kids: Easter

Keep everyone 'hoppy' this easter with some great Easter jokes for kids. You will be 'chick-ing' yourself if you don't! Print out the jokes and take them along to enjoy with your family this Easter!

Sports Jokes

We all love a good sport so make sure you are one when the kids start racing through these fantastic sporting jokes for kids. Swimming, basketball, racing and even soccer, you will feel as though you are right there as you run over these jokes.

Jokes for kids: Horses

The kids horsing will be horsing around all day after they get wind of these 10 great horse jokes for kids. Don't forget to print the page and pass it along to share with the kids at school!

Jokes for kids: Fruit

Peel away the layers of laughter with these very 'ap-peel-ing' fruit jokes for kids. Every child will look at their fruit in a different way after sharing these jokes for kids around with their friends.