Cheerios Christmas trees


  • 3 cups marshmallows
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • Green food colouring
  • 3 cups Cheerios
  • Mini M&M’s ( just the red and green ones)
  • Jaffas
  • Canola spray


In a bowl, place the marshmallows and butter together and melt in the micowave on high for 40 seconds. Mix well with a spoon.

Add green food colouring until you have the colour you like.

Pour Cheerios into the marshmallow mix and stir well to coat. Leave to cool until the mixture becomes tacky. You may need to put it in the fridge if it is a warm day.

Cover a tray with baking paper.  Spray your hands with canola spray and shape the Cheerios mixture into cones and place on the tray.

Place in the freezer for 20 minutes to firm up.

Remove and decorate with red and green M&M’s and place a Jaffa on top. The trees will still be sticky enough for the decorations to adhere but you may need to use a little icing to stick the Jaffa on. I used a tube of ready-made writing icing.



  • Little ones will need help with the microwave step of this recipe.
  • These little trees are pale green in the picture as I used pink and white marshamllows to begin with and then I coloured them with blue food colouring to get the pale green colour.
  • If this mixture seems a little too wet, cooling it in the freezer is a great way to firm it up.
  • A light dusting of icing sugar will make it look like you have snow on your trees.

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