Christmas paper decorations

There is no rule that states you can’t create a temporary art gallery at Christmas time. A few tree ornaments, plywood letters and paper decorations Blu-Taked to the wall makes a striking feature. We created a delicate doily snowflake and circular star from wrapping paper by following these simple steps.

You’ll need:

  • 3 paper doilies
  • Sticky tape or double-sided tape
  • Patterned wrapping paper

Step one

Fold the doily into a concertina (like a paper fan). Fold in half.

Step two

Stick the two ends together with tape.

Step three

Repeat with other two doilies so all three are connected and are fanned out slightly. Then stick on the wall with Blu-Tak

Tip! For the wrapping paper star, cut the paper into rectangular pieces around 15cm by 20cm.

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