Confetti ribbon gift wrap

Why spend on ribbons when you can make your gift wrap pretty with just paper. Get punching on coloured scrap paper and make ‘ribbons’, Christmas motifs or even the recipient’s initials out of confetti. Here’s how.

You’ll need:

  • Coloured paper scraps
  • A small hole punch (I used one by Martha Stewart, available from Spotlight)
  • A cutting mat or chopping board
  • Double-sided tape or double-sided sticky sheets (available from Spotlight)
  • A little cup or bowl (to place the confetti in)
  • Newspaper



Step one

Layer the paper scraps on top of each other and punch through numerous times to make confetti. Empty the punch into the bowl as you go.

Step two

Wrap your present in plain or coloured paper (white would look best with multi-coloured confetti). Apply strips of double-sided tape in a cross on the front of the present, the same way you would tie a ribbon around it. Remove the backing so it’s sticky-side up.

Step three

Lay your gift on a piece of newspaper and sprinkle the confetti onto the tape. Gently press on to secure even more.

Step four

Lift the present up and shake it slightly, letting the excess confetti fall onto the newspaper. Put the leftover confetti into your cup to reuse on another present. You could also create simple shapes with the double-sided tape – like a star – or use the sticky-backed paper to cut out the recipient’s initials

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