Create Christmas Traditions

Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday, from baking to decorating to gift wrapping to Christmas music…I love it all and tend to celebrate from the end of November through the New Year.

They say Christmas is for kids, but I think Christmas should bring out the kid in all of us!

It’s such a wonderful feeling when I hear my son say “I can’t wait until Christmas so we can make reindeer cookies, mummy!” I know that is one tradition that he will undoubtedly pass on to his own children!

What is a tradition?

The word tradition means “something that is handed down.” So whether its baking cookies, decorating the tree or making holiday crafts, remember that the traditions you create for your family should be truly special so that your children will want to share them with their own families one day.

Beginning a new tradition

Starting new traditions can really unite a family. We have TONS of Christmas traditions in our family; some that were started back with my grandparents and parents, and quite a few my husband and I have created with our own children.

Ask your children for their ideas too. And remember, you’ll need to be sure everyone is on board because if only one of you wants to do it, the tradition won’t be enjoyed much less continued.

So try something this year and if everyone enjoys it, repeat it next year. Before you know it, you’ll have a new-found family tradition.

A few fabulous ideas to inspire you to create your own family traditions:

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