Homemade food gifts

If Christmas isn’t about food, then what is? Making food for others is one of the joys of Christmas, and food gifts please almost everybody, are inexpensive and fun to make.

From your boss to your children’s teacher, who couldn’t love a batch of homemade biscuits?

Recipe Box

Gather up treasured family recipes and copy them into a beautiful journal or album. Or, print them on pretty recipe cards fitted into a categorized recipe box.

Chocolate Candy Canes

Buy Christmas candy canes and dip them in melted chocolate before allowing them to harden, Wrap in cellophane with bows and then tucked into a coffee mug or tea pot. Let the recipient know they can be eaten as is, or used as coffee or hot chocolate stirrers.

Plant and Recipe

Buy small herb plants and nestle them together in a basket with a favourite recipe card which uses each herb.

Homemade meal

A bottle of wine with a homemade card promising a home-cooked meal makes a terrific gift for busy people who live on their own.

Baking Gift

For families with children, fill a large biscuit jar with baking accessories like bottles of food colouring, sprinkles, and biscuit cutters. Then write out your favourite biscuit recipes on a card. Try Brownies in a Jar.

Recipes to transform into gifts

Recipes you can make with the kids are the most enjoyable to create as food gifts. Kids not only love helping in the kitchen, but they love handing over their food gifts for other people to enjoy.

Here are our favourites:

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