Top Christmas Gift Ideas That Give Kids Hours Of Summer Fun

Make the most of the Kiwi Summer with these Christmas gifts for kids, each with a Summer twist.

Find outdoor games, pool accessories, beach day must-haves and more to help encourage the kids to stay out and about this sunny season.

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  • Kids Boogie Board: Catch some waves this summer on these awesome Kids Boogie Boards! Choose your favourite design, and pop this boogie board in the car whenever you hit the beach.
  • Kids Play Tent: A great gift idea that will provide endless fun for the kids and encourage active play.
  • Shower Speaker: Now they can sing along to their favourite tunes while  in the shower! Using wireless technology, this Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker brings the music to the bathroom.
  • Inflatable Slide N Glide: This Summers’ must have backyard activity. 4.8m of fun slip’n sliding the days away. Get your camera ready – this is the insta-worthy gift!

Madd Rush Runner bike

For all those little shredders learning to ride they can now do it in style on the MADD RUSH runner bike.

Avg. $135.00

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Razor A5 DLX Scooter

Razor A5 DLX Scooter

Easy to fold, this scooter will make storing your scooter once you’ve scooted from A to B a breeze.  Designed for riders ages 8 and up, weighing up to 100 kg and riding on 200mm wheels, this scooter is designed for older kids and adults!

Now: $149
Reg: $249

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Maverick Pogo Stick Farmers

Maverick Pogo Stick

The Classic Pogo Stick, redesigned! Boost your bounce with the maverick Pogo stick, available in assorted colours.

Now: $49.99
Reg: $79.99

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Quut Ballo Bucket

It might not look like a bucket but the kids can use it like one – easy to grab water, run up the beach and pour with ease.

Avg. $29.90

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Soccer target goal set

Get ready for some Soccer matches. This soft soccer ball with pop up 2 in 1 goal has one side for goals and another for targeting and skills practise.

Avg. $37.49

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Air Storm ZTek Bow

The Air Storm ZTek Bow is the ultimate foam bow and arrow. Just load up with a Zonic soft foam whistle arrow, pull back, then ready, aim, fire.

Avg. $37.49

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intex unicorn

Intex Unicorn Ride-On

The kids can have hours of water fun with this Unicorn inflatable from Intex.

Avg. $25.00

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Outdoors Smashball Set

Have some active fun in the backyard with this colourful set from Sunpop.

Avg. $12.90

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Giant Croquet Set

Get out in the backyard on Christmas day with a classic game of croquet.

Avg. $49.90

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NERF Super Soaker Barracuda

Kids can swamp the competition with this dual drenching water blaster.

Avg. $27.00

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What is on the top of your child’s wishlist this year?

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  1. dawnblyth 01/12/2019 at 11:53 pm

    My eldest asked for a Samsung Note 10 and a drift trike. My youngest asked for a remote control car. We try to get at least one or two things from Santa. The rest come from us

  2. Alezandra 01/12/2019 at 2:08 pm

    I actually like the Unicorn slide n glide for myself coz I’m such a Unicorn fan. But these are great ideas for a great summer time activity with the family.

  3. Loucyd3 01/12/2019 at 1:49 am

    My daughter is asking for a scooter and our 2 boys are asking for new bikes so we can all get out and go for family bike rides at the park. My kids love their boogie boards and enjoy heading down to beach during the summer.

  4. Micht 30/11/2019 at 11:50 pm

    Hmmm interesting and thanks for the share…havent found anything though that fits for my girls.

  5. Jen_Wiig 29/11/2019 at 9:31 am

    We are doing the whole wear, share, need, read, want thing this year and for the sharing gifts Ive brought a water slide, sprinkler octopus thing, water gun each and a 10 pack outdoor sports pack with net, balls, cricket set… Having 3 very adventurous busy boys being outdoors is second nature to us so gifts like these are just ideal…. Offer hours of fun and also cooperation and kindness with one another too… Trampoline was the big gist last year and that thing is practically lived on.. Even in winter so I’m super excited for these prezzies of outdoor fun this year… We are very lucky we have a really decent sized backyard that’s private and fenced too so no excuses not to get out there and have a few water fights etc over summer

  6. Shorrty4life1 28/11/2019 at 9:55 am

    Great ideas for gifts. Always am loving the tent idea and its a shady place for children to hide away out of the sun. We used to play in a wee funsize tent all the time as children and I loved it. Guut bullo bucket now thats one thing ive never seen before and that would be sure to impress my sun for beach trips as hes forever trying to put water in his hands and bring it to the sand castles hes made but it never gets there lol. My children’s top of the list Christmas list idea this year is to get a water slide. They have hours of fun but the last one got ripped by neighborhood cats unfortunately.

  7. Bevik1971 28/11/2019 at 9:28 am

    All great ideas! I want the shower speaker for myself hahaha. The Nerf Super Soaker would be awesome, my 6 year old and her Dad have Star Wars Nerk electronic guns that they are always running around with, so would love the soakers. My daughters wish list is a pair of Heely’s and a crop hoody haha

  8. Mands1980 27/11/2019 at 9:06 pm

    These are great gift ideas I really need to start my Christmas shopping and these have given me some inspiration to get started now. My kids would love boogie boards and the oldest a shower speaker, water guns are always great too and toys for pools.

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