Emotional Changes Middle Pregnancy


As the pregnancy progresses into the middle months, various emotions can surface in both positive and negative ways. Many women seem more balanced in their feelings with a sense of calmness and acceptance of their pregnancy and everything that goes with it. This may follow some ambivalence during the amazing hormonal, physical and emotional adjustments that often accompany the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. However, other women feel unsure or unhappy about the obvious changes in their body as their belly becomes more noticeable, even when their partner likes these changes.

You may still experience moments of unpredictable tears and in many cases a new sense of vulnerability about your relationship. This may manifest as wanting your partner close by or as making more efforts to nurture your relationship. Some women have unfounded fears of being left alone or losing their partner in some way (especially in dreams). These feelings can take you by surprise and make you want to experience frequent expressions of love and caring (not necessarily sexual) as a way if reassuring your bond together. Many women also feel vulnerable because of the continued ‘unknown’ about the rest of the pregnancy and possibly thoughts about the impending labour and birth.

The 2nd trimester of the pregnancy can also bring excitement and physical signs that confirm the reality of the pregnancy, especially as you feel your baby move for the first time. These vague sensations develop into unmistakably stronger and more frequent ‘kicks’, becoming a reassuring sign of your baby’s health and presence as the weeks pass. Feeling or seeing these movements often becomes the turning points of making your pregnancy (and approaching parenthood) feel more real.

Listed below are some common emotional reactions and concerns that women frequently express during the middle months of their pregnancy.

This list is far from complete but is a guide to illustrate how universal some of these feelings can be. Some are grouped together as they generate similar emotions.

  • Excited, mixed emotions
  • Forgetful and vague
  • Healthy and ‘glowing’
  • I hate being pregnant!
  • Wondering who the baby will look like and which sex
  • Fantastic or scary dreams
  • Body image and sexuality
  • Thinking about relationship with own mother
  • Feeling depressed

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