St Patrick’s Day t-shirt headband

St Patrick’s Day t-shirt headband

Got an old green T-shirt? Repurpose it to make this cute T-shirt headband for St Patrick's Day. You don't need a sewing machine – just a needle and thread will do!

What you need:

  • an old green T-shirt
  • circle template (3cm)
  • scissors
  • green button
  • needle and green thread
  • card stock
  • pencil or pen
  • sewing machine (optional)

Number of players:


Cut a strip out of the T-shirt to make the headband. Measure it around your child's head to get the right size and then secure the ends using the needle and thread, a sewing machine or a stapler.

Using a 3cm diameter circle template, trace four circles in a row onto a piece of cardstock, making sure the sides are touching and the circles are only 3/4 of the full circle shape – so the bottoms of the circles are flat (see video). Cut this shape out; this will be your template.

Place the template on top of a piece of T-shirt material and trace around it with a pencil or pen. Carefully cut out the shape with scissors.

Once you have the row of circles cut out, use a needle and thread to stitch a loose running stitch along the straight edge (see video). Gather the straight edge until it curls around to form a flower or in this case, a shamrock.

Using a large pin, place it onto the headband where you want it to sit. Then place the button on top of the shamrock and sew the two things together at the same time (see video).

Your St Patrick's Day headband is now ready to wear!

  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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