Get Ready For The Spookiest Celebration This Year

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For years Halloween was a festival that nobody knew whether to celebrate or not … and then we realised it’s one of the most fun times of the year!

This year might be a bit different, but that’s no reason for your little pumpkins to miss out on all the fun. Spotlight has a brilliant selection of Halloween goodies, to help you celebrate the spooky season.

Toddler Spider Costume

It all starts with the costume. For kids, you want it to be spooky, but fun, and you can’t go past this gorgeous little spider outfit, guaranteed to put a (small) fright into Halloween, however you choose to celebrate.


Adult Pirate Outfit

Don’t just leave the dressing up to the kids! Many of us didn’t get the chance to enjoy Halloween in our own childhoods, so let’s make the most of it now and really get into the spirit with this pirate costume. Arrr!! (Bonus – stay in character and steal the kids’ loot once they’ve gone to bed).


Face Paint Kit

You can really up the impact of a Halloween costume with some face paint. Whether your child wants to be a scary tiger or a cute butterfly (some kids don’t get the ‘scary’ memo), this face paint kit will help you achieve the look.


Papier Mache Pumpkin

If you’ve ever tried to hollow out and carve a pumpkin you’ll know your efforts can end up as a mouldy mess within a few days. You can avoid that all together, and have fun crafting with this papier mache pumpkin. Get out some paints, and craft whatever designs you want.


Halloween Slime

Shh kids! This is the project your parents probably won’t let you do most of the time, but it’s Halloween, and it’s been a tough year … so they’ll probably let it happen now. This colourful, glittery Halloween slime will provide shiny, messy fun for hours.


Severed Hand

You’ve always got to have a few practical jokes up your sleeve on Halloween, and this one can literally be up your sleeve. This severed hand is a fun addition to your costume – guaranteed to freak out your friends and family as you say hello.


Giant Spider

Hanging this spider on your front door is a great way to increase the scariness of any Halloween party. Combine it with spiderwebs throughout your front yard and you’re creating an arachnophobe’s nightmare!


Cookie Cutters

Even if you’re not going all out with a huge Halloween party this year, you can still enjoy the season at home with your kids – baking spooky themed biscuits with these ghost and bat cookie cutters.


Lolly Bucket

Lastly, don’t forget the Halloween-themed lolly bucket. There’s only so many lollies your kids can eat at once … and remember – you want the ability to raid their stash later on!


Spotlight has everything you need for your Halloween celebration – from decorations, to costumes and even lollies, you can head in store, or buy online:

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