Give Your Family’s Immune System A Head Start This Winter

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With the children back in the classrooms and the cold weather making itself felt, so are the prospects of the usual winter illnesses. Taking care of our immune health helps minimise the risk of ills and chills, it’s also critical for the prevention of more serious diseases.

With 35 years of experience supporting New Zealanders to be the best they can be, Good Health is here to help keep Kiwis healthy naturally this winter with their iconic Viralex range.

Our immune system under stress

Although our immune system can come under stress at any time of the year, winter’s combination of a drop in temperature, spending more time indoors, and an increase in winter illnesses circulating in the community, means we are reliant more than ever on our immune system working hard. Taking care of our immune health is not only important so that we minimise the risk of ills and chills, but it’s also critical for the prevention of more serious diseases.

Build it up

“When it comes to winter nasties, it’s best to build your immune health before you start feeling ill. By making small changes to your daily routine you can make a big difference, and if you see the need for additional, targeted nutrient support, that’s where supplements can play an important role.” – Good Health’s in-house Naturopath Jane McClurg

Supplements can play an important role in building your immune health with their targeted nutrient support.

Viralex is a recognisable and celebrated product range – in fact, it’s so popular it has become a bit of a cult classic in households with young Kiwis! Discover the top three favourite Viralex products for supporting your family’s immune health:

Good health viralex Immune Chews

1. Viralex Kids Immune Chews

Good Health Viralex® Kids Immune Chews are specially formulated to support children’s immune health with scientifically researched Wellmune® for fewer days off daycare and school.

Viralex Kids Immune Chews help to nourish and support children’s immune systems and further support their immune restoration. Viralex Kids Immune Chews are perfect for children aged 1-12 years old for year-round immune support. The delicious berry flavour appeals to even the fussiest little eaters!

2. Viralex

Viralex is a comprehensive formula that is designed to support the body’s defences and support the immune system by combining the powers of science and nature.

The high-strength ingredients of Olive Leaf, Astragalus, Beta Glucan, Zinc and Vitamin D combine to provide year-round immune support. Suitable for your family members aged 6 years plus for everyday support to protect a depleted immune system for ills and chills.

Good health viralex attack

3. Viralex Attack

If anyone in your family aged 6 years or more is starting to feel the beginning of ills and chills, Viralex Attack will give rapid immune health support.

The unique ingredient EpiCor® starts working in 2 hours and along with other key ingredients; Olive Leaf, Pelargonium Root and Zinc, supports the body’s natural immune defences for optimal health and wellbeing.

For more information and in-depth advice on supporting your family’s immune health naturally this winter, visit the 5 Steps to Good Health homepage.

Good Health’s range of vitamins and supplements are available at all good pharmacies and health stores nationwide. Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Good Health, Auckland. TAPS PP9017.

Written for Kidspot with information supplied by Good Health.

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