Keeping Kitchen Utensils and Surfaces Hygienically Clean

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Getting into a good routine of kitchen hygiene is essential in helping to stop the spread of germs.

As well as carefully maintaining hygienically clean surfaces in your kitchen, it’s essential to keep any kitchen utensils, dishes and equipment clean too, to prevent them from becoming a source of bacteria that could contaminate your food.

How do germs spread?

Germs can spread quickly, for example by preparing ready-to-eat food on surfaces contaminated by raw food or by using dirty dishes and utensils to serve cooked food.

Disinfect your kitchen work surfaces

Contact surfaces, such as kitchen worktops or kitchen slabs, should be cleaned then disinfected to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination from a big hygiene hotspot in your kitchen.

Keep your cloths and scourers hygienically clean

It stands to reason that the cloths you use to wash dishes and surfaces should be clean, otherwise you could end up spreading bacteria throughout your entire kitchen. Try to change washing-up cloths regularly.

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