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Review for Norton 360 Premium

Keeping on top of what my kids are doing online sometimes feels like an uphill battle, but after recently testing out Norton 360 Premium, I’m now convinced it’s a product every parent needs in their toolkit.

Find out more about the product below and see how I put it to the test in my own home.


Getting to know Norton 360 Premium

Online cyber threats are more prevalent than most people think and pose a real security risk for you and your family. You can help protect you, and your family’s, privacy and personal information with Norton 360 Premium – the all-in-one internet security suite.

Norton 360 Premium works on up to five devices including PC, Mac, iPhone and Android, and comes with 100GB of PC cloud backup.

You can get Norton 360 Premium online at, at Harvey Norman, or any good technology retailer. Norton 360 Premium offers:

  • Real-time threat scanning – advanced security with antivirus protection
  • Secure VPN – browse anonymously and more securely
  • Parental Controls – manage your kids’ online activity
  • Password Manager – generate, store and manage passwords securely
  • SafeCam for PC – block unauthorised access to your webcam

Putting it to the test

Going into this, I wasn’t sure if the Norton 360 Premium was going to be able to offer anything over and above standard anti-virus software, but after a couple of minutes post set-up, I quickly found that it definitely lives up to its premium name.

Firstly, it’s never been so simple to install. I’m not a tech savvy person and sometimes rely on my tween to help me set things up but this was so easy to install that I felt like a cyber champion. I was guided through with simple, easy to understand instructions and getting my product key to accept was a breeze. Norton has the sophistication to remove the other expired anti-virus software from devices so you don’t have to worry about these clashing or causing any unforeseen issues.

Being able to have this across five devices is one of the biggest selling points for me because I was able to install it on my personal laptop, the home computer and the laptops of my 12-year old daughter and 16-year old son. Knowing that I’ve so easily ensured that my kids have an additional layer of protection when they’re browsing online or playing with their apps gives me great peace of mind – especially because I can’t watch what they’re doing 24/7.

We’ve definitely learnt the hard way in the past that not all in-app ads are friendly. My daughter loves to play games online and, as with most kids, she doesn’t know the difference between a colourful ad for a fun game and malware that is masquerading as something enticing to a child. Thankfully we don’t need to worry about that anymore because this has a Norton Family feature that kicks in when it detects potentially malicious software, stopping downloads in their tracks.

There are also some great additional parental control features that I now realise we’ve been missing in our life. My 16-year old is pretty good at balancing his homework with his time online but being able to monitor what he is looking at is such a great feature. My 12-year old also loves anything digital so we’ve been making great use of the functions to limit her screen time – much to her dismay. I’m really happy with how easy and comprehensive the parental controls are. No matter the age of your child, there are functions that can easily slip into your family’s life to help you manage your child’s time online.

Key features that have me hooked on Norton 360 Premium

As a whole, the product is very family friendly and I think it would add a lot of value to any home setup, but there are definitely a few key features that stand out to me.

  • Parental controls: Being able to manage their time online (especially my 12 year-old’s) and set up filters to try and eliminate them navigating to sites they shouldn’t be on isn’t only handy, but so simple to implement and monitor.
  • Password manager: My husband and I do all of our banking online and we are also avid online shoppers so I’m grateful to have some protection against having my passwords and credit card details stolen.
  • Webcam protector: We’ve all heard horror stories of webcams turning on or recording you when you don’t realise and after our mishap with malware in the past, just knowing external access isn’t possible is such a relief.

Overall, Norton 360 Premium is a strong product that I’m glad I’ve managed to install in my home. As a busy parent always on-the-go, knowing that my kids are safe online at all times and that I’m financially secure when doing my banking is such a huge relief. You never think you’re going to be the person who experiences cyber-crime but since it happened to one-in-three Kiwis in 2019, having continuous protection across your devices is something every home needs.

Norton 360 Premium is available at Harvey Norman.

This review was written by editorial contributor, Emma Rose, for Kidspot NZ.

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