Review: Rascal + Friends Eco Nappy

Rascal + Friends new premium and affordably priced eco friendly, disposable nappy has been put to the test on ten-month-old Indie.

Rascal + Friends nappies have always been my go-to. I have tried most brands out there on Indie, but always come back to trusty Rascal + Friends because we have never had a leakage problem, and they are well priced.

I was delighted to find out they were now doing an eco version and couldn’t wait to give them a go.

Rascal + Friends premium eco nappy

Firstly, I love the cute, more understated, design.  They are quite a bit slimmer than the original Rascal + Friends nappies, which I like because they fit nicely in my bag without taking up heaps of room.

Rascal + Friends

I find them to be a good fit with elastic pleating around the legs. Although the sizing is on the larger side, that probably just helps with the absorbency and they don’t leave any marks on my little one.  The tabs work well so the nappy is easy to roll up ready to throw away once used.

I’m always a little reluctant to try new nappies overnight because they are always pretty full by the morning, but these withstood 12 hours of wee! Although it was a very full and heavy nappy when she woke up, there were no leakages at all nor any sign of nappy rash.

Rascal + Friends

Also, how cool is it that the packaging is compostable as they are made from corn starch?! I love that these nappies are a little friendlier on our planet and makes me feel like I am doing my bit to reduce our nappy footprint.

I will definitely continue to use Rascal + Friends premium eco nappies as they do everything I want my babe’s nappies to do and they are kind to our environment at the same time – one less thing to have Mum Guilt about!

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This article was written by Lu Dixon on behalf of Kidspot and Rascal + Friends. Lu was provided with a complimentary supply of Rascal + Friends nappies.

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