The Brilliance of Samsung’s AddWash™ Family of Washing Machines

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Is there anything better than the fresh scent of newly laundered washing? And is there anything worse than putting a washing load into your front loader and then realising that you’ve dropped a sock on the way to the laundry, or your kid discovers half their school uniform didn’t make it into the laundry basket?

You could consider scavenging around to find more washing to make up another load (oh good, MORE washing that I will forget to hang out!), or you could make like a washing fairy and just throw that extra item into the existing wash!

No, it’s not magic. It’s Samsung’s innovative range of washing machines with the brilliant AddWash door feature that allows you to easily add items to the wash at any time*. Simply add forgotten clothing or fabric softener after your wash cycle has started, or pop in hand washed clothes that you just want to rinse or spin dry. You can also air the drum between washes without leaving the main door open.

* Only fabric items, clothing, detergent and softener can be added. The AddWash™ door only opens when the drum temperature is below 50 degrees Celsius and has stopped spinning.

Benefits of the Samsung AddWash™ range

Saving your missed laundry moments and giving you flexibility with the convenient AddWash™ innovation is just the start of the benefits of the Samsung Addwash™ family of washing machines.

If you haven’t yet experienced the brilliance of a front loading washing machine then hold on to your delicates! Front loaders use a lot less water then top loaders (yay for the environment and water rates), which also means less water to heat, bringing down that power bill. Less water means less fill time and reduced washing times. All Samsung’s AddWash™ Family range of washing machines have an energy and water star rating above 4.

Designed with advanced washing technologies these machines are gentle on fabrics while being tough on stains. They also provide washing solutions to help make laundry simple and hassle free. With options for washer and dryer combos, large capacity drums from 7kg to 16kg, and even a 2-in-1 machine, there’s a laundry solution to suit every lifestyle.


Find the Samsung AddWash™ model that’s right for you

The Samsung AddWash™ family of washing machines caters to all family needs and budgets with a range of multi functional, intelligent machines. Discover more below and consider a Samsung washing machine when it’s time to upgrade your laundry needs.

For large and growing families

Every machine in this range offers an extra large capacity making it ideal for larger families. With energy and water saving built in, this range gives you an economical way to manage your bigger laundry needs. The range brings in unique features such as Bubble Wash Technology which is tough on stains and gentle on fabrics. Some machines even give you the option to wash two loads at once. Overall, this range is quiet and powered by cutting edge machine intelligence to simplify the way you do laundry, forever.

Choose from:

  • WV16M99: FlexWash™16KG (wash) / 2.5KG (dry) RRP $3699
  • WF16N87: Ultra Large XXL 16KG (wash) RRP $3299
  • WF13N75: Large 13KG (wash) RRP $2699

For a quick and smart wash

This range of machines offer intelligent solutions to make laundry fast and efficient. Their QuickDrive™ feature reduces the washing time by up to 50% and energy use by up to 20%. With the Super Speed cycle, you can bring your wash time down to just 39 minutes for a 5kg load . With AI based laundry solutions to make washing even more hassle free, it’s time to upgrade to an advanced laundry experience.

Choose from:

  • WW85M74: Quick Drive™ 8.5KG (wash) RRP $2499
  • WW85M64: 8.5KG (wash) RRP $2299

For compact living

These machines offer a washer dryer combo which gives you the flexibility of washing and drying all in the space of a single machine. In addition to saving space, some machines in this range even offer time saving features such as Speed Wash. They also have unique features such as Air Wash technology which deodorizes and sanitizes your clothes. If you need a single machine to manage all your laundry needs effectively and in limited space, look no further.

Choose from:

  • WD85N74: Quick Drive™ Combo 8.5KG (wash) / 6KG (dry) RRP $2899
  • WD85K64: Combo 8.5KG (wash) / 6KG (dry) $2299

For the everyday family

This range offers a fully capable laundry experience that’s designed to save energy and water usage. Your clothes get a deep clean with Bubble Wash technology that gives you powerful cleaning even at low temperatures. Clothes stay fresh and sanitised through the Hygiene Steam cycle. If you need to get laundry done with ease and enjoy a thorough washing cycle, look no further.

Choose from:

  • WW85K54: 8.5KG (wash) RRP $1699
  • WW75K54: 7.5KG (wash) RRP $1599
  • WW95N54: 9.5KG (wash) RRP $1799 (coming soon)

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Written by Julie Scanlon, Editor for Kidspot NZ with information provided by Samsung AddWash.

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