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Make Disney+ your destination of choice for the school holidays with fun staycation activities based on your family’s favourite Disney stories.

Disney+ Destinations is sharing those magical Disney favourites for quality time with the family. Get into the holiday spirit by creating your own itinerary of places to “visit” and printing the included boarding passes ready for take-off – kids will love it!

Kick your vacation vibe into gear by exploring the beautiful Italian Riviera village of Portorosso, take a city break full of laughs in Monstropolis, or discover the magical land of Kumandra with its floating market town, tropical jungle and impressive palace. Explore New Mushroomton, New York, Zootopia, and more, and keep the fun rolling with awesome activity pages for the kids.

Choose your destinations below and create a school holiday itinerary complete with fun activities, tasty recipes and more.

Destination: Portorosso


Come and explore the colourful streets, turquoise waters, and sun-drenched countryside of the beautiful Italian Riviera. The fishing village of Portorosso is the setting for Luca, a Disney and Pixar movie about one young boy and an unforgettable summer of discovery. Luca and his new friend share an amazing adventure, but they hide a secret – they’re really sea creatures from below the waves of the Mediterranean.

Serve up saucy pasta and pastel-coloured gelato to complete your Italian dream holiday.

Watch Luca on Disney+

Luca: Activities

  • Destination: Print and cut out your Portorosso boarding passes
  • Craft: Make a scooter collage
  • Recipe: Make pappardelle pasta with fresh tomato sauce
  • Puzzles: Spot the difference
Print the Portorosso activity pages

Destination: Monstropolis

Monsters at Work

Welcome to Monstropolis, a city inhabited by monsters of every imagination. It’s a diverse city where every monster is trying to get a table at Harryhausen’s restaurant! It’s also the setting for Monsters At Work, a new animated Disney+ TV series where eager new Monsters University recruit, Tylor Tuskmon, hopes to fulfil his dream of working on the scare floor at Monsters Inc, only to find that Monstropolis is now powered by the laughter of children.

Share some giggle-inducing jokes and fill the city with monster belly laughs!

Watch Monsters At Work on Disney+

Monsters at Work: Activities

  • Destination: Print and cut out your Monstropolis boarding passes
  • Game: Play “It’s Laughter We’re After”
  • Laugh: Be inspired with these funny jokes
  • Craft: Make “Little Monsters” hand and footprint cards
Print the Monstropolis activity pages

Destination: Kumandra

Raya and the Last Dragon

Come on an adventure to the mystical land of Kumandra. View the stunning sights, from a bustling floating market city of lights or a hot and dusty desert, to lush tropical jungle and a vast palace island. Like Disney’s newest heroine in Raya and the Last Dragon, keep an eye out for the magical gems that are scattered all over the kingdom of Kumandra, and hold the power of the dragon, Sisu.

If you can take your eyes off the scenery, help Sisu on her quest by solving some puzzles.

Watch Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney+

Raya and the Last Dragon: Activities

  • Destination: Print and cut out your Kumandra boarding passes
  • Puzzle: Help Raya through the maze to the dragon gem
  • Puzzle: Find the 10 hidden dragon gems
  • Craft: Colour in the characters from the movie
Print the Kumandra activity pages

Discover other Disney+ Destinations!

Disney+ Destinations New York : Soul

Make a door hanger and more!

Print the New York activity pages
Disney+ Destinations Zootopia

Make a Judy Hopps zoo-flake and more!

Print the Zootopia activity pages
Disney+ Destinations New Mushroomton : Onward

Make a Pegacorn milkshake and more!

Print the New Mushroomton activity pages
Disney+ Destinations Great Barrier Reef : Finding Nemo

Play the Jellyfish Dodge game & more!

Print the Great Barrier Reef activity pages

Keep the fun vacation vibe going right throughout the school holidays with fun activities, puzzles and tasty recipes thanks to Disney+ Destinations!

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Plus … watch Moana in te reo!

To help celebrate the Matariki season, you can watch Disney’s Moana in te reo Māori. Navigate to the ‘Extras’ section under the Moana title to watch it in te reo Māori. Watch now!

If you could have a holiday at any Disney+ Destination, where would you go?

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