Support baby health with probiotics

Tummy troubles can often be a cause of your babies unexplained crying and unsettled behaviour. Upset tummies, irregular bowel motions and gas are uncomfortable conditions and your baby’s developing digestive system will struggle to cope. Probiotics, the friendly bacteria that live in your baby’s tummy, work to support a healthy environment there. But these helpful little bugs are still colonizing and it may be that they are not present in the right numbers or strains to provide enough help.

Probiotics not only support digestive health but are essential to a baby’s developing immunity. These amazing organisms are part of a first line defence against unfriendly microbes, they restore the balance of healthy microbes and support a healthy immune response. As well, microflora in the digestive tract produce nutrients such as biotin, folic acid and vitamin K – essential for metabolism, red blood cell production and blood clotting. Research suggests that if a baby’s microflora is compromised it may contribute to an increased incidence of conditions many mums will be familiar with: uncomfortable skin irritation, tummy troubles and irritability, frequent bouts of illness and bowel irregularity.


Supplementing your baby with a good quality probiotic will ensure they receive their daily dose of these friendly bugs to foster healthy immunity and happy little tummies!


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