Play GAME FEVER #2! Compete against friends & family & WIN!

It’s GAME FEVER #2 – Ultimate Swish. Play and compete to WIN!

With all the hype surrounding current and upcoming sporting events; from huge international competitions to those showing determination and commitment with their winter sports on those icy cold mornings, Manchester Unity is getting amongst the SPORTING FEVER!

Starting 12 July 2021 an exciting new game is being released each week for 4 weeks. We’re up to WEEK 2! Play the games and compete to WIN!

Perfect for young and old, these fun games will keep the whole family entertained! Why not challenge your friends and family and see who can get the highest score!

Access thousands of family friendly online games on Manchester Unity’s online games portal. Ad free and safe, these games and their $9 movie tickets are perfect for rainy days and getting through school holidays!

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The prizes

Gold: Gold: $60 Gold eGift Card, MU T-Shirt, and a Childrens Basketball hoop
Silver: $40 Silver eGift Card, and an Action Camera
Bronze: $20 Bronze eGift card, and an NBA logo basketball

To enter

For safe, uninterrupted, family friendly fun.. click the button below to start playing at Manchester Unity now!

GAME FEVER #2 – Ultimate Swish


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