WIN 1 of 3 sets of Banz Carewear Mini Earmuffs!

Keep your baby happy in loud situations in Banz Earmuffs for under 2 years – proper earmuffs with a practical design!

Banz earmuffs adjust for growth and can be used even on little babies. There’s no fear of putting the squeeze on a soft baby head, as the overhead band is specially made to keep them on, but not grip too tightly and the set won’t slip and slide. There’s a grunty Class 4 hearing protection factor, too (ratings go up to Class 5 – industrial strength) and they’re also available for big kids 2 years to teens! Banz Carewear earmuffs are a must for little ones in our noisy world.

The prize

WIN one of three sets of Banz Earmuffs for under 2 years – your choice of Blue, Geo or Lime, worth up to $49.99!

To enter

Please fill out the form below and tell if you’d like to win Blue, Geo or Lime – See the Banz Earmuffs range here!


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