WIN 1of 5 Wartie Wart Remover Products

Wartie provides outstanding at home freeze treatment for warts & plantar warts (verrucas).

Wartie is fast to use with no assembly required and can be used straight out of the packaging, it also freezes in seconds. Wartie is precise, it contains a unique precision tip which targets only the wart so there is no contact between the gas and skin creating a pain free application. Wartie is effective with a professional freezing performance which is colder for longer, it also freezes in only 1 application. Suitable for children 4+.

The prize

Win 1 of 5 Revolutionary Wartie Wart Remover Products.

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Fill out the form below and tell us what age is Wartie suitable for treatment on children?

COMPETITION CLOSES 21st November 2018

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