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As parents, stress comes with the job, but as parents raising children in today’s ‘new normal’ we get it – words like ‘downtime’ and ‘sleeping in’ have been tossed from your vocabulary.

You’re busy doing all the things… so, isn’t it time to treat yourself to your best night’s sleep yet or maybe simply sneak in a restful break, between nap times, with one of our Sleep Heavy premium weighted blankets?

Mums and dads desperate for their own timeout will feel an immediate sense of calm with our luxuriously soft and snuggly mink blanket. A favourite amongst our Sleep Heavy customers, this blanket is irresistible and encourages an immediate sense of calm using deep pressure stimulation.

Another option is our cotton weighted blanket. The perfect solution if you want a soft, breathable fabric that also encourages an immediate calm affect using deep pressure stimulation.

RRP: begins at $379.99 (depends on weight).

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