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Thrillzone Kidz Club Takapuna

Find us at: 488 Lake Road, Takapuna
Email: info@thrillzone.co.nz
Phone: 09 486 0773
Website: www.thrillzone.co.nz

Everyone wins when you treat your kids to the Kidz Club.This is more than just a babysitting service; this is a fun & entertaining package deal that will allow your children to experience all of our products during their adventure with Kidz Club. They will be with a dedicated member of staff for their entire stay and they will have free reign over all of the activities on offer at Thrillzone!

Kidz Club is perfect for ages 4-13 years!

Whether you’re on holiday or the kids want an after-school activity, Kidz Club is a fab and friendly place where kids will have a blast.

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