Princess party


Princess party

Colour Scheme:

Pink and Silver

Recommended Age Group:

5-7 year olds, but it can be adapted for other ages

Guest List:

6-8 kids

Nothing could be more fun than a girl-y princess party with sparkles, tulle skirts and, of course, who could forget the tiara!


Set the tone for the party with a spectacular Princess Gift Box invitation. Fill a pink square gift box with a tiara swathed in pink tulle and place the scrolled invitation on top. You can buy a tiara at the local discount store.

Type your invitations using a cursive font and print out on pink paper. Stick a silver star, gemstone or fabric swatch at the top in the middle of the invitation to add some extra sparkle.


Create a grand pink carpet entrance using 3- 4 metres of pink fabric leading into the party. Make sure that you secure the ends of the fabric so it doesn’t blow away and place a doormat at the front of the carpet so that the girls can wipe their feet.

Decorate the table with pink tulle fabric and a sprinkling of silver stars down the middle. Silver napkins and cutlery can be used on the table. Use teacups and plastic wine glasses for the girls to drink hot chocolate and apple cider. A cupcake holder and a variety of large platters give the table a royal feel.

Use silver tinsel and Christmas baubles to decorate the main room. This can be very cost effective especially if you buy the decorations out of season.

Pink and silver balloons will transform the main party room and can also be used for the letterbox and each side of the grand entrance.

Set the table for each guest with a name place tag written in silver cursive font. Silver Christmas bon-bons can also be used to decorate the table.

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Party food ideas and recipes

Preparing miniature food and serving the food on large platters will add to the regal atmosphere.

Party Games and Activities

  • Grand Entrance – On arrival each princess is adorned with a treasure from the dress up box and then has her photo taken. Music can also enhance the arrival.
  • Treasure Hunt – Use transparent, plastic Christmas baubles. Many come apart and allow you to hide treasure in the bauble.
  • Dancing Statues – Get the princesses to dance around to classical or pop music and freeze when the music stops.
  • Pass the parcel – Use pink wrapping paper and make sure that each layer has a princess goodie.
  • Decorate cupcakes – pre ice the cupcakes and allow the guests to decorate using their favourite lollies and sprinkles
  • Princess Pampering – have a family friend paint nails and apply silvery eye shadow and lip-gloss.
  • Test princess poise with a book balancing game
  • Pin The Crown on the Princess – use a Disney poster and cut out a tiara using silver cardboard
  • Watch a favourite part of the Disney Princess movie
  • Craft – make a regal crown or an edible necklace or bracelet
  • Make your own Sparkle Piñata

Party Bags

  • Cut the left over pink tulle from the table decoration into 30cm x 30cm squares. Fill with an assortment of princess paraphernalia including candy and gemstone rings and silver star shaped chocolates



This article was created by Mel Jacob for Kidspot – New Zealand’s leading birthday party resource.

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