Travelling With Kids These School Holidays

There’s no better time to explore our own backyard, so pack all your gear and the kids into a campervan and go somewhere new!

You may have always wanted to try a campervan trip and now, without all our usual international visitors, it’s a great time to do it. We take a look at why a campervan holiday makes a great getaway for families.

Home away from home

Once you have unpacked into the campervan, that’s it! You can follow your nose, or a route you’ve preplanned, but the beauty of a campervan holiday is that you only unpack once. There’s no need to pack bags and schlep them into a vehicle and then into new accommodation each and every day.

Depending on the type of campervan you choose, you can have enjoy all the comforts of home – even the kitchen sink!

You choose your holiday

Some families like to keep on the move, exploring new places every day while others prefer to stop and settle for a few days while doing day trips. With a campervan you can choose the holiday that is as individual as your family.

You might prefer the facilities of a holiday park or you’re happy to stop at a camping spot with minimal facilities – with a self-contained campervan you can mix it up to match your preference and budget.

Top tips for family campervan trips

  • Encourage your family to help budget, plan and pack so everyone is involved
  • Plan your route, but leave room for spontaneity
  • Pack light, layered clothing with good thermal properties and a waterproof jacket for changeable weather
  • Let the kids choose a few favourite games, books, and toys to bring
  • Playing cards and compact travelling games like mini backgammon can be bought at dollar stores
  • Stock up on non-sugary snack foods like fruit, salted popcorn, chips ‘n’ dips and cheese and crackers and have water bottles close at hand
  • Spend or splurge? Eat in or use community barbecues to save some money
  • Consider hiring a campervan with a bike rack – this gives you the freedom to explore on two wheels without taking the campervan everywhere
  • If you’re on a lean budget check out city and regional council websites for free events and activities like day walks and cycle paths

Main photo credit: Mark Clinton

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Written by Kidspot New Zealand in partnership with Tourism New Zealand.

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