Parents Review The New Clinicians Kids Range

Developed in New Zealand for Kiwi kids, Clinicians Kids is a range of high-quality and research-based supplements to support healthy, growing little people.

With everything from Brain Beams sugar-free chews to support your child’s mental focus and learning, through to Peaceful Dreams for bedtime calm and healthy sleep patterns, we asked five Kidspot families to trial products from the range and give us their feedback.

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Megan: Bedtime routine

The specific issues I was hoping to address were my girls’ difficult bedtime routine – I was hoping to make it more gentle and relaxing for them. Also, I was after bone improvement as my girls frequently complain of painful legs.

We received a phone consult which was helpful and the team member was very knowledgeable and reassuring, it really made me feel much more supported and encouraged that the supplements will help my kids. In the past when buying supplements for them I have never really felt confident or sure that they would be helping. It was so nice to know that there are experts out there to offer advice.

Fun packaging and easy to use

The packaging was a highlight. Inside the box is an image to colour in as well as a fun animal fact for the kids. Both my girls (Daya aged 6 and Aria aged 4) loved the imagery/cartoons and colours.

Clinicians Kids

Overall the Clinicians Kids supplements were easy to use, packaging was excellent, variety in taste was great with the girls finding the BoneCare chewable tablets a bit powdery, but not enough to deter them from asking for more. Their favourite was the Tooth Protect due to the flavour and they enjoyed the Peaceful Dreams liquid –a slight bitter aftertaste but gentle enough to keep the girls asking for it each night. The girls have described it as “apple lemon honey” flavour.
Immune Care was also easy to use in different situations, on top of yoghurt was our go-to.

Results speak for themselves

Results I have noticed are that the girls aren’t complaining of leg pain any longer and for the duration of this trial they didn’t become unwell – perhaps thanks to the Immune Care sachets. This is noted as at school most of their peers had experienced a cold yet both Daya and Aria did not.

The thing that has really made the most noticeable and significant difference is the Peaceful Dreams liquid. Aria (4 years old) found the Peaceful Dreams made a difference for her, she says it “makes bedtime nice”. There was a clear change in her bedtime routine once we started using the liquid. Usually an hour after dinner the girls have the Peaceful Dreams liquid as part of their bedtime routine. It really did make an impact in the girls’ behaviour just being a little bit more calm and receptive to actually going to sleep vs hyper and not wanting to relax. I highly recommend this product, and love that it’s helped us so much.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to review Clinicians Kids Range, we are very grateful and I will certainly be recommending the Peaceful Dreams to other mums!


Hannah: Growing pains

I was given the opportunity as a reviewer for products from the Clinicians Kids range for my three children to trial aged 7, 6, and 2 (2-year-old was able to trial the Immune Care due to age guidelines).

Clinicians Kids

I had a phone consultation with the naturopath Rochelle and she was amazing. Any questions I had regarding the products I received she answered, as well as giving me a talk on each product and its benefits. She made me feel comfortable about the products and that no question was a silly question to ask. After talking she also said she’d look at sending me an immune system support sample pack to trial for myself which did arrive.

Packaging was very fun for kids and made them interested in wanting to try the product. We loved the colouring option on the inside of the box.

Peaceful Dreams

With Peaceful Dreams I was hoping to help both our 7 and 6-year-old to relax at the end of the night and stay asleep throughout the night. As well, our 6-year-old daughter has night terrors. It was very easy to use especially coming with its own measuring cup.

Both my 7 and 6-year-old enjoyed the taste – it was like a sweet apple syrup, had a slight tangy flavour aftertaste. My 7-year-old who’s autistic doesn’t like lollies or fruit flavours but easily took this product.

I didn’t notice any results with my 7-year-old autistic son while trialling this product which I had hoped. It might of helped with lowering his stimulation before bed and keeping him asleep longer but I did notice with my 6-year-old daughter she was calmer at night time. We got recommended to take 5mls 20 mins before bed then a further 15ml at bedtime. Also, her night terrors improved.

All in all, based on the success with our 6-year old I would look at purchasing this for her in the future.

Immune Care

The Immune Care sachets were really easy to use and giving the option of milk or water to add them to were great as they suited different children’s tastes. We trialled with milk and also water for all 3 children. I was pleased to trial this product as our 7-year-old has asthma and for general all-round health. Our 7-year-old autistic son who is very fussy with fruit flavours and has a limited diet enjoyed the flavour of this and took it with ease each night over the trial period with water. Our 2-year-old also preferred it with water, whilst our 6-year-old enjoyed it with milk.

We didn’t notice any health benefits while taking part in the trial but knowing the product is good for immunity, especially respiratory health and having a child with asthma, I would continue to purchase.


Both our 6 and 7-year-old get growing pains, especially in their legs. BoneCare was suitable for both of them to have. They were a pleasant smelling vanilla chewable pill that my 6-year-old really enjoyed. My 7-year-old found the texture of the pill unpleasant although he is very sensitive to textures – he did enjoy the flavour and smell.

We didn’t notice any results whilst trialling this product but considering how easy it was for especially our 6-year-old to take I’d like to purchase again for overall bone development and hopefully help with growing pains as all our children experience them. Also, it would be extra support of nutrition/calcium for our 7-year-old autistic son. I would be curious to know if crushing them and adding them to milk they’d give the same result as the texture did put my son off.

Clinicians Kids
Clinicians Kids
Clinicians Kids

Tooth Protect

Tooth Protect was suitable for my 7-year-old (7+ age range). The tablets were raspberry flavour and smelt like raspberry (very pleasant). As my son is autistic and has a limited diet I would love to continue with these knowing he’s losing more baby teeth and giving his adult teeth more protection. Chewing the pill he didn’t find pleasant but we did get some success getting him to quickly chew followed by a drink of water. Although we didn’t notice any results whilst trialling the peace of mind knowing we are adding extra protection to his teeth that I’ve always worried about was great.


Yasmin: Struggling with sleep

My son is a 4.5-year-old active boy who has struggled with sleep his whole life. He finds it hard to fall asleep and then often wakes through the night. Sometimes with nightmares, sometimes just needing to be resettled with cuddles. More recently he would wake up complaining of sore legs. Peaceful Dreams and BoneCare seem to be the ideal products for his needs.

Clinicians Kids

Upon receiving the products, I rang the naturopath’s phone number to discuss the products and follow up any questions. The lady was wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable and she patiently answered all the questions I had about the products. Including when to use them, what for, etc. What a great bonus to have this service!

All three containers open out to a little colouring activity for the child, which my son loved.


My son seems to like the taste of the tablets and reminds me that he needs to take his giraffe vitamins every day. This is a bonus in my books as I don’t have to force or bribe etc. The pill is reasonably large but is chewable. The pill jar doesn’t have a childproof lid though and my son can easily open it and help himself. I find that a bit of an issue, especially since he enjoys the taste, so we have to put it high up well out of his reach and hidden.

Peaceful Dreams

My son enjoys taking this – he loves the flavour, but as with BoneCare the lid is not childproof and could easily be opened by my son. A little measuring cup is provided which is super helpful too. The actual medication seems to soothe and calm my son before bed and he’s been having more settled evenings since taking it. The Naturopath advised that he doesn’t need to take it every night just on nights (or days) that he seems overactive or not winding down.

Immune Care

My son was not able to take the full dose of Immune Care. This is a sachet of powder that is recommended to be mixed with 150ml of water or milk. My son really disliked having it in water. We tried milk but 150ml seemed too much, even though he’s normally a milk drinker. We tried with 100ml and he was able to drink that but found it to be a chore. I would love for this to be provided in an alternative format for consumption. (Note from Clinicians: The amount of fluid can be varied to suit your child. Immune Care can also be used in juice or a smoothie or taken with yoghurt, just nothing hot which can damage the probiotic.)

Clinicians Kids
Clinicians Kids

Thank you for the opportunity to trial these products. As they stand I would probably continue on with Peaceful Dreams and BoneCare but would be unlikely to purchase Immune Care as he just refuses to drink it. It is, however, the one I wish he would take due to the current Covid climate.


Starra: Two growing boys

We absolutely loved giving the Clinicians range a try. My 4-year-old and 12-year-old boys tried different things. All in all, I really enjoyed trying these products. Some did not work out for us but definitely worth the try and loved the cute animals they have for each – it really made Mr 4 even more keen to try out the products.

Tooth Protect was amazing for Mr 12. He has been taking it every day and will definitely be getting more as you only have one set of teeth! 5/5

BoneCare was great for my 12-year-old. He has been taking it and has found that his growing pains haven’t been as bad which is a bonus. Unfortunately for Mr 4 he didn’t much like the chalkiness of the tablets. 4/5

Mr 4 absolutely loved Immune Care. Every day he has it in his milk and even pours it himself and stirs it up! Definitely going to keep this going through those cold winter months! 5/5

Peaceful Dreams was amazing for Mr 4. We have it with our other bedtime meds and I swear it knocks him out 80% faster and easier than before. He loves the taste and I love that it makes bedtime so much more peaceful going off to dreamland. 5/5

We tried Nasal Clear with Mr 4 as he has big nasal issues and unfortunately wasn’t a go for us and didn’t help at all. So we will stick to his prescribed stuff, unfortunately. 2/5


Inge: Important immunity support

We have a very fussy 4 year old girl that tried the three products provided to us. The packaging was awesome. We received the Nasal Clear, Peaceful Dreams and Immune Care.

Nasal Clear Mānuka

We have used the Nasal Clear even though it was not required at the specific time. She liked the product and definitely a more preferred product to Fess Little Noses Saline. The honey aspect of the product gave it the go-ahead from our side.

Peaceful Dreams

Its says on the Peaceful Dreams box to support children who struggle to relax. We are quiet lucky and don’t have any problem with our little girl falling asleep and relaxing but we did try the product. I personally think she had a good calm sleep that night, even though she refused to take the product again, she didn’t like the taste of it.

Immune Care

Clinicians Kids

We did a little mix of Immune Care with the milk as suggested on the box, daughter didn’t like the flavour of the banana. However my husband had a taste and said you could hardly taste the banana. I have now doubled the milk as what is on the description of the box and she don’t even notice the taste. So this is definitely yes from mum. Immune support is extremely important for me as a parent with a toddler as they literally pick up every germ possible around at childcare, so I will continue to use this product during winter and hopefully we can escape the bad colds.

I would continue to try and use all these products and see if it works over the long term. Thank you again for the opportunity to review these products.


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Reviewers were provided with a selection of Clinicians Kids products for the purpose of the review. Views are those of the reviewers.

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