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Even with a good bedtime routine, sometimes it can be hard for kids to fall asleep and remain in a settled sleep pattern. We asked some parents to trial Kiwiherb Bedtime Bliss – a herbal sleep support product – with their kids.

Kiwiherb Bedtime Bliss is a herbal blend formulated with natural ingredients to settle and soothe busy minds and growing bodies. It works to establish healthy sleep patterns, calm feelings of overwhelm and stress at bedtime, help children fall and stay asleep, as well as promoting deep relaxation for fuss-free bedtimes and happy mornings. It really is a lullaby in a bottle!

Find out what mums Kellee and Hollie thought of Kiwiherb Bedtime Bliss.

More settled and relaxed

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My 5-year-old son hasn’t been the best sleeper over the past couple of years. Most parents can relate to having trouble with getting their kids to bed and getting them to stay there and not getting up 20 times a night for a “drink of water” or “there is something in my room”!

This product couldn’t have come at a better time! December is always hectic and our sleeping routine goes out the door because of lots of late nights and random bedtimes. My son turned 5 in December so after Christmas and the New Year chaos I knew that it was important to try to start a good routine before he starts school in February.

Kiwiherb Bedtime Bliss

Kiwiherb Bedtime Bliss is a strawberry-flavoured oral liquid that supports sleep and stress. It comes with a handy oral applicator. This is a natural product containing herbal extracts. It also uses NZ-grown products which is great.

My son wasn’t too keen on the flavour of the liquid, I tried it and it was pleasant tasting but he is quite a picky eater at the best of times. We decided to add it to a small glass of juice or milk during dinner as instructions recommend to give it an hour before bedtime which worked well.

We continued with our routine and set a bedtime as per normal  – brush teeth and then read a book before bed.


I felt he was more settled and relaxed before bed and more willing to go to bed than usual. It’s been a few weeks of using Kiwherb Bedtime Bliss and I feel it has helped with his restlessness and he has been going to bed and staying there. We have had a few nights of getting back up out of bed but managed to settle him back to bed. The instructions say you can repeat a dose if needed but we didn’t really need to.

Bedtime Bliss is a great NZ-made product – I love that it contains organic ingredients and that sugars for this product come from apple juice and rice syrup.

If you are struggling with bedtimes I would definitely recommend to give this product a try.

– Kellee

Sleepy syrup

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Our experience using this product was excellent overall.

Both my girls (aged 3 and 6) struggle to settle and get off to sleep without being awake for an hour, or sometimes longer. I was hoping that Kiwiherb Bedtime Bliss would help with this and after a week or so of using it I believe it did.

The liquid was easy to use and has recyclable packaging. My girls love the strawberry taste of their ‘sleepy syrup’ and it became a great part of their before bed routine. I cannot compare it with any other similar products but I am pleased to share that it has worked well for both my girls.
– Hollie

A lullaby in a bottle

Formulated with natural ingredients to settle and soothe busy minds and growing bodies for a night of restorative sleep, Bedtime Bliss from Kiwiherb can be given undiluted or added to your child’s drink. Just give one to two doses an hour before bed. You can repeat one dose during the night if your child wakes.


Reviewers were provided with Kiwiherb Bedtime Bliss for the purposes of the review. Views are those of the reviewers.

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