Why Sunglasses Are Essential For Kiwi Babies & Kids

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Sunglasses look great on babies and children – so cute! – but there are so many more important reasons for them to wear sunnies, especially in New Zealand’s high UV environment.

Active Kiwi kids are out in the sun more than adults

A lot of exposure to the sun happens when we are children – and parents are encouraged to get their kids outdoors as much as possible. Even though COVID-19 means families may not be getting out and about as much as usual, little ones are still soaking up those UV rays during long summer days in the garden.

“Kids should definitely wear sunglasses while they are outside,” says Dr Michael Jones, an Australian paediatric eye specialist. “Putting sunglasses on your kids should be part of the everyday sun protection routine. Kids get exposed to an extraordinary amount of sun in their early days and it really does have a cumulative effect. We’ve got to make sunglasses part of that slip, slop, slap routine.”

Children’s eyes are more sensitive to the sun than adult eyes

Your kids have ‘new’ eyes. Their pupils are larger and the lenses are clearer, allowing in about 70% more of the sun’s radiation than an adult’s eye. Yes, it is possible for eyes to get sunburned, just like skin, and wearing quality sunglasses is the best defence against ‘sneaky sunlight’.

“But my kids already wear sunhats, why do they need sunglasses as well?”

‘No hat, no play’ rules have been part of kids’ lives for several years. Encouraging your kids to wear a sunhat is great, but is only part of the protection story. Sunhats will only give around 50% protection to the eyes – it’s sunglasses that take up the slack! Your children must wear the ‘dynamic duo’ pairing of sunglasses and a sunhat, as only sunglasses will shield from the UV radiation reflected upwards from water, sand, or concrete (or snow) – that’s a whopping half of the UV kids’ eyes are exposed to outdoors!

A child’s eyes will gradually store up the sun’s radiation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says children’s eyes more easily absorb UV radiation and up to 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV will occur before the age of 18. This UV damage is cumulative – it stores up in the eye and gives the potential for eye problems such as cataracts and cancers in later life. It’s so easy to avoid this – wrap on a pair of close-fitting, quality sunglasses.

The skin around a baby and child’s eye is very sensitive to UV radiation

UV damage can cause cancers to this delicate skin. Eye experts recommend wearing sunglasses that cover the entire eye area, as this style offers the best defence against damage to this area by closing in the sides of the sunglasses from sunlight.

Bright sun hurts kids’ eyes

You wear sunglasses when you’re out in the sun to keep your eyes comfy, don’t you? So should your children. We’ve all seen babies rubbing and screwing up their eyes when the sun shines in them. They need sunglasses when they’re out and about too.

Quality is key

It’s great that you’re looking to buy sunnies for your kids. But wait – did you know that buying cheap, sub-standard sunglasses actually makes sun exposure to the eyes worse? That’s because dark, cheap lenses, without the technological smarts of proper sunglass lenses, will cause the eye’s pupil to open wide – then there’s no barrier between the sun’s dangerous UV light and the inner eye, where the bright light is free to damage the eye structures.

Banz Carewear – simply the best

Banz Carewear sunglasses are made for little eyes! The company is expert at producing protective gear for babies and kids and is a firm favourite with Kiwi parents, having been in the same Kiwi mum-led ownership for 15 years.

Banz sunglasses for babies and kids are simply the best. Adventure Banz and Retro Banz ranges, designed to be baby’s first sunglasses, have the benefit of close-fitting, durable frames, which cut out that ‘sneaky sunlight’ beaming in at the side. The frame is also made more comfy with soft silicone inserted inside the frame around the nose and eye area – this also stops long lashes hitting the lenses!

Of course, the Banz Carewear design difference is the wide headband, made adjustable for growth with Velcro. This is a Banz Carewear innovation – and although there are now many imitators (how very flattering!) nobody does it better than Banz Carewear, with soft neoprene material and a generous band width to prevent slipping. It’s the ‘stay-put’ difference!

Let’s talk about lenses! Banz Carewear sunnies feature all the benefits of top sunglasses specifications. All lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, which gives a top Eye Protection Factor of 10 and a rating of UV400. Naturally, all Banz Carewear sunglasses meet the latest Australia/New Zealand Standard for Sunglasses and fashion spectacles, AS/NZS 1067.1 2016 for sunglasses, which has recently become the standard proper sunglasses must meet. Additionally, JBanz sunglasses for kids 4-10 years are polarised – and a new range of polarised stay-put sunglasses for babies and toddlers will be on-site soon!

Save 20% at Banz Carewear!

As a treat for Kidspot readers, Banz Carewear is offering a huge 20% discount on full-priced products at Banz Carewear for kids! The discount includes all the fabulous sunglasses ranges; the super-popular Banz Earmuffs range, with sound-protective earmuffs to fit both babies and older kids; sun-proof sunhats in three different designs; and heaps more!

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This article was written by the team at Banz Carewear.

Banz Carewear – Sensitive Care. Sensible Choice.

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