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Sunrice Baby Rice Cereal

Introducing SunRice Baby Rice Cereal

SunRice Baby Rice Cereal is a new smooth rice cereal your baby will love:

  • Available in two delicious flavours: Original and Mixed Vegetable
  • Provides a good source of iron to support your baby’s healthy growth and development, as part of a healthy, varied diet
  • No added sugar and no artificial colours or flavours
  • Made with at least 99% Australian rice
  • Available in 125g resealable pouches

I like it has good iron content and the colour texture is good and easily digestible for baby. A great introductory product for baby on solids and can be used in a variety of ways. I will continue to use it and buy more in the future as a different option. I like that it has some vegetable puree in it whereas other brands/ varieties just have fruit.

Review by CPunnett

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