Band-Aid biscuits

These gross Band-Aid biscuits are the perfect addition to your Halloween party platter. They are so easy that you can get the kids to make them.


1 pkt white icing
1 pkt vanilla wafer biscuits
2 tbsp strawberry jam
box of Band-Aids (decorative purposes only!)


Roll a small ball of white icing to 3mm thick. Cut small squares out to fit on the wafer centre.

Put a square of icing in the middle of each wafer.

Add a small dollop of strawberry jam.

Arrange on a silver platter with a Band-Aid box to enhance the effect!

Serving Suggestions


  • If you don’t want to buy a whole packet of white icing for the white squares, you can buy a second packet of wafers and split a wafer  down the middle so you can use the white part for the squares.
  • Raspberry jam will do if you have no strawberry jam.


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