Yoghurt parfait

Yoghurt parfait




  • 8 tablespoons low-fat vanilla yoghurt
  • half a cup grapes
  • 6 strawberries, sliced
  • 1 banana, sliced


Choose two glasses that are favourites with your kids.

In each glass, place one tablespoon of yoghurt, then top with half the grapes.

Continue alternating a tablespoon of yoghurt, then the fruit, finishing with a layer of yoghurt.


  • An intriguing looking, healthy after school snack that wont ruin dinner. And gets in a serve of dairy without the stress of trying to keep it cool in the lunchbox!
  • Use your kids favourite fruits, or whatever you have in the house.
  • Contrasting colours look great. Inspired by one of our favourite movies Shrek. Donkey delivers a wonderful monologue regarding delicious parfait layers, as opposed to onions!
  • Recipe created by Melissa Hughes for Kidspot.




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