2 ingredient Milo cake

2 ingredient Milo cake


Serves 1


  • 4 tbs Milo
  • 1 tbs milk


Mix the Milo and milk together in a ramekin or mug. Put it in the microwave for 1minute 30 seconds and it’s done.

Careful when you take it out, it will be hottie, hot, hot.

Dust with icing sugar and top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. YUM! Tastes just like a fudge brownie.

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Serving Suggestions


  • Add vanilla ice cream to turn it into a quick and easy dessert.
  • Cooking time may vary depending on the strength of your microwave.
  • If you like this recipe, you may also like to try making cake in a mug.
  • This recipe was created by Penny Flanagan for Kidspot.

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