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Whether you’re looking for a quick cookie recipe, yummy lunchbox treats or special occasion biscuits, we’ve got biscuit and cookie recipes galore! So eat your heart out.

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ice cream cookie

Ice cream cookie crunch

Great as a party food idea, these ice cream sandwiches use shop-bought cookies and ice ...
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chocolate weatie

Chockie wheaty biscuits

Looking for a nifty biscuit recipe you can whip up with ingredients you won't have ...
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Coconut chocolate chip cookies

Brown sugar, choc chips and coconut combine to make these soft and chewy, oh-so-yum cookies ...
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Nutella and peanut butter yo-yos

Nutella and peanut butter yo-yos

Peanut butter biscuits are always a popular snack for kids so they'll love this Nutella ...
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gingerbread cookie

Gingerbread Men Cookies (Ingredients Jar)

This recipe is so easy to make even the kids can help. With the dry ingredients already mixed in a ...
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Fun Puffs Cocoa Cookies

These quick-to-make cookies are great for the lunchbox or as an afternoon snack ...
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Small batch shortbread flowers

Small batch baking is simply a way to make all the things you want to make, but at a reduced ...
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Mini S’mores Cups

Mini s’mores cups

Chocolate, marshmallows, and biscuit – there’s not a lot to hate about a s’more, they’re made from everyone’s favourite sweet ...
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raw bar

Homemade raw picnic bars

Combing two favourite nuts – cashews and peanuts – mixed with a combination of chocolate, cacao and coconut, this dessert ...
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Afghan Cookies

Vegan Afghan cookies

A traditional New Zealand biscuit, these Afghan cookies are pure chocolatey goodness. Usually laden with refined sugars, we’ve taken that ...
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Natvia Lamingtons

Sugar free Lamingtons

Indulge in one of your favourite cakes the sugar-free way. Better yet, make up a batch to surprise your friends ...
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Peanut butter chocolate bar

Combining peanut butter and chocolate into one treat is one of, if not the most, delicious food combinations out. We’ve ...
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