Gluten Free Howler Hotdogs – Kids Review

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Finding appealing food for kids with allergies can be challenging so when I discovered that Howler Hotdogs have a gluten-free range I was overjoyed – finally something “fun” that my boys can eat without any worries!

My two boys (5 and 7 years old) both have allergies, and are anaphylactic to some foods, so it’s always been a challenge for me to find nice things for them to eat. I often feel like they miss out on a lot of tasty and “fun” foods (especially when they go to birthday parties and I have to pack food for them that they can actually eat without getting allergic reactions).

Gluten-free Mini Munchers

Howler Hot Dogs - Gluten Free

We tried the Mini Munchers which were a great size for small hands. The box says you can cook them in the oven or deep fry them, but I actually popped them in my air fryer and they were ready in under 15 minutes.

The boys loved these – it was great to see them enjoying something new that I know contain few allergens (they do contain soy and sulphites). Taste clearly hasn’t been compromised as between two hungry little boys, the whole lot disappeared in record time.

Hot dogs on the go!

We will definitely have these stocked in our freezer from now on – they make a great meal on the go, and I can see them becoming a staple in our house for both boys’ birthday parties and other celebrations.

Howler also have full sized gluten-free hotdogs which would be great for an easy meal night.

These are a total win in our house so if you’re struggling to find great gluten-free options for your family then take my word for it – Howler Hotdogs won’t disappoint.

Find out more about the new breed of hotdog, Howler Hotdogs and find a stockist near you.

Howler Hot Dogs provided Kidspot with some of their Gluten Free Mini Munchers for this review. All views are those of the writer.

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