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Owned and operated by New Zealand mums, Kidspot is designed to be clean and intuitive, taking the hassle out of the search for parenting information – meaning parents can spend more quality time with their family as a result.

Kidspot NZ began in 2006 with a single vision – to help parents quickly find products and services in their local area to meet the needs of their growing kids. The original business model was about matching parents with the most relevant advertiser/s – a true classifieds business model with thousands of ads to search and easily find all things child-related.

Kidspot’s business model was quickly embraced by parents across New Zealand and it became the #1 online directory for parents within the first six months. The simple-to-use website also gave local businesses the opportunity to reach parents more easily than ever before.

Since then, Kidpsot has become New Zealand’s most comprehensive online resource for parents, covering everything from conception through to the teenage years. Our interactive tools and informative articles support mums through their whole parenting journey, including thousands of easy recipes and activity ideas to keep children entertained.

Supporting local and backing Kiwis

Now more than ever, Kiwi companies need our business and our support.

We’re so happy to have partnered with a large number of local companies that offer services and products tailored for families.

Whether parents are looking for baby products, party supplies, healthcare products, gift ideas or just need a little inspiration, our directory has them covered.