Get through the tough teenage years with our helpful information for parents. Help your child deal with puberty and their changing body as well as changing relationships.


When puberty moves in

I can't tell you I'm an expert when it comes to puberty. I have been through it once myself which is a terrible sample size, scientifically speaking. I have one ...
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healthy teen

Raising a psychologically healthy teenager

As your child moves towards being a teenager, they may have self-esteem issues. Find parenting advice on how to raise ... Read More
Teenage party

Teen party survival guide

Teenagers love to party - but when it is in your own home, it may not be so fun for ... Read More
Teen beauty

Make-up and your teen

Kids love to dress up with makeup when they're young, but when your teenager wants to wear make-up, is she ... Read More

When puberty moves in

"She sat by the huge array and quite overwhelmed, smelt every deodorant I handed to her. After sniffing approximately 26, ... Read More
Teens and technology

Teens and mobile phones

All kids want a mobile phone - but do they really need one? Find out how to manage your kids ... Read More
How to insert a tampon

How to insert a tampon

Using a tampon for the first time can be a little daunting, but all it takes is a little know-how ... Read More
The best books to answer tricky sex questions

The best books to answer tricky sex questions

Kids of all ages ask question about the facts of life. Be prepared for any sex education questions they throw ... Read More
teen with clear skin

Tackling teen acne

Discover what causes acne in teenage or tween skin, and if diet, stress or hormones are the cause of pimples ... Read More
Helping your teenager with friendship problems

Helping your teenager with friendship problems

Friendships between teenagers are very different to childhood friendships. Get friendship advice to help your teen build good relationships ... Read More
Precocious puberty in girls

Precocious puberty in girls

What is precocious puberty? How to help your daughter when she goes through puberty early ... Read More
teen hiking

Teen-friendly family activities

If you're struggling to get your teen involved in family activities, try some of these teen-friendly activity ideas ... Read More
What's happening to my body? Stages of puberty in girls

Stages of puberty in girls

Puberty causes many changes to a girl's body including breast development, growth of pubic hair and menstruation. Learn more about ... Read More
Teen's first bra

Buying their first bra

Part of adolescence and puberty for all girls is needing their first bra. Find out when to get your daughter ... Read More
Teen friends

Treating acne scars

The best way to prevent acne scarring is to prevent breakouts. But, if scarring does occur, there are steps you ... Read More
Puberty and girls

First period kit

Getting a first period can be an exciting milestone in a young girl's life. But what if it happens when ... Read More

The danger signs of teenage depression

Depression amongst teenagers is believed to be at similar rates to adults. Dr Justin Coulson explains the danger signs to ... Read More
Talking teen relationships

Boys and the sex talk

It's the conversation parents have to have; but talking to your son about sex can be both difficult and embarrassing ... Read More
Visiting a doctor

Teen confidentiality: Sex, drugs and doctor’s appointments

We drum into our kids that they need to talk, to somebody they trust, just get it out … but ... Read More
Challenges CAN make our teens stronger

Challenges can make teens stronger

Being a teenager brings challenges. Whether it's social or physical changes, teach your child how to cope with adversity and ... Read More
teen sex education

Sex education & contraception choices

Having the sex talk can be a little tricky, but it is important you talk to your teen as it ... Read More
Easy teen room ideas

Planning your teens bedroom

Teenagers want to change their bedroom from their kids bedroom. Get teenage bedroom ideas that makes the space work as ... Read More