Buying their first bra

There will come a time when your daughter is ready for her first bra. So what do you do now?

Some girls will be excited about wearing a bra for the first time and others will be more hesitant. If your daughter is unsure about wearing a bra, tell her she doesn’t have to wear one (as they’re not totally necessary) but that it will probably make her feel more comfortable and confident.

Buying the first bra

It is a really good idea to get professionally fitted for a first bra. Many women wear the wrong bra size and it can cause a lot of discomfort. Your daughter may be embarrassed by the thought of being fitted by a sales assistant, but explain to her that this is their job and they fit bras every day. Most department and lingerie stores will have someone who can properly fit a bra.

The sales assistant will take two measurements – one under the breasts (size around your torso) and one at the fullest part of the breasts (cup size). They will then be able to work out the correct size eg. 10A.

Many lingerie brands have ‘first bra’ lines, that are soft and comfortable. A sports bra can often be a good choice for a first bra, as they don’t dig in and are quite comfy. Some girls prefer to wear crop tops or singlet tops with bras built-in, to bypass wearing a bra at all. If your daughter has larger breasts, she may find an underwire bra offers more comfort and support.

Wearing the first bra

The sales assistant may show your daughter how to put on her first bra, or your girl may prefer you help her. It’s likely that she’ll feel a little strange or uncomfortable at first, but assure her that she’ll soon get used to the feel of wearing a bra.

Show her how to use a wash bag to help protect her bras in the wash, it’s a good habit to get into while young. Remind her that she doesn’t need to wear her bra at night.

This article was written by Corinne Draper for Kidspot. Sources include Child and Youth Health and Healthinsite.

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