Whether you’re trying to grow little imaginations or you have a budding scientist looking for some fun experiments, we have fun activities for kids.

Check out our free printable colouring pages, pool games, dress-up costume ideas and more below.


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pool games

Cool off this Summer with these fun pool games

pool game

Shark in the water

Pool games are a fun way to improve your child's swimming strength. "Shark in the water" is a simple game that can go for hours. Be ready for lots of ...
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halloween games

Halloween party games for kids

Getting together for some Halloween fun does not have to be a chore with decorations spread across the house. These simple, no fuss games have been created for when the ...
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Goodnight Kiwi

Goodnight Kiwi Returns

For almost 20 years an animated Kiwi and Cat signalled the end of the evening's ...
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A Guide To Buying Your Child’s First Bicycle

Buying a child’s first bike is a milestone in their development. Get them pedalling on ...
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lion in the meadow

‘A Lion in the Meadow’ ears and tail

Do you think there is a lion in the meadow? Award-winning author Margaret Mahy tells ...
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Backyard camping

Children will love to camp outside in the backyard. A fun way to play and engage with the natural world, backyard camping can lead to all sorts of imaginative games ...
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kids and frisbee

How to throw a Frisbee

Throwing a Frisbee is so much fun. Your children will enjoy throwing and running after the Frisbee. This is a great activity to keep the kids busy ...
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