Whether you’re trying to grow little imaginations or you have a budding scientist looking for some fun experiments, we have fun activities for kids.

Check out our free printable colouring pages, pool games, dress-up costume ideas and more below.


Grab a printable colouring page for your little artist

Find an easy dress-up costume for imaginative play

Try these fun science experiments

pool games

Cool off this Summer with these fun pool games


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Now it’s getting colder, it’s the perfect time to start planning some indoor play ideas.

Check out our video tutorial below for one of our favourite activities and find a little inspo with these creative play areas.

➡️ Find free printable activities including colouring pages

➡️ Have a little messy fun with a cool science experiment

➡️ Activity how to: make this easy glitter slime

indoor play

Build your own cubby house

Have some old boxes lying around?

Before you recycle them, try turning one into a cubby house for the kids.

Check out this design that is so easy to put together the kids can be playing in it in no time ➡️

Tried and tested parent tip: For a crafty afternoon, have the kids paint or colour in the boxes so they can create their perfect cubby house

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