Upcycling | Paint A Kid’s Balance Bike

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Kids balance bikes are such a great way to get younger kids confident and independent on a bike. If you have an old one that still has some good times left in it, give it a colourful new look so it can continue to be enjoyed for years to come!

Resene upcycler-for-good Sarah Herring’s son had enjoyed this convertible balance bike for years and it has survived some serious toddler wear and tear! Before finding a new owner it desperately needed a makeover, so Sarah set to work.

It’s surprising how much better the balance bike looked after a fresh and modern paint job! It really proves that quality wooden kids’ toys can be enjoyed for many years to come with a bit of careful maintenance and the odd cosmetic makeover now and then. With a little bit of effort, this bike can now continue bringing joy to other children.

Follow her step-by-step instructions on how she gave it a new lease of life.

You will need:

Step by step instructions

Paint a kid's balance bike

Step 1 – Take the bike apart, clean and sand it thoroughly. You can use sandpaper or an electric sander if you prefer.

Paint a kid's balance bike

Step 2 – Once the bike has been dismantled and sanded back to a smooth finish, apply one coat of Resene Quick Dry primer undercoat to all the timber surfaces using a testpot brush.

Paint a kid's balance bike

Step 3 – Apply two coats of your chosen base colour using a testpot brush. Sarah used Resene Sante Fe.

Paint a kid's balance bike

Step 4 – Once the base colour is completely dry, freehand paint modern shapes on the frame of the bike using various different brush sizes and three testpot colours, or more colours if you like. Sarah chose Resene CornflowerResene Spring Wood and Resene Clover. Sarah took inspiration from some patterns found online and painted imperfect shapes until she was happy with the coverage. Once dry, apply another coat of each colour to the painted areas.

Paint a kid's balance bike

Step 5 – Apply three coats of Resene Aquaclear Natural to all the paintwork if you wish, for a flatter finish and to help protect the paint.

Paint a kid's balance bike

Step 5 –  Once dry, reassemble the bike (Sarah converted hers to a tricycle format) and touch up any imperfections in the paintwork with a small detail brush.

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