Kids With Special Dietary Requirements Don’t Have To Miss Out On Pizza

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Ahh, pizza … how we love you! Easy, tasty, and popular with kids, pizza is an absolute lifesaver when you just can’t face making dinner for your household’s horde. And if food intolerances, allergies, and other diet requirements tend to make things more complicated, HELL Pizza are your dinner hero.

HELL Pizza cater to gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan, giving you the best pizza options for kids with food intolerances.

Want to avoid wheat, dairy or nuts?

Three of the most common food intolerances or allergies are lactose and casein (found in milk) and gluten (found in grains). Since pizza is one of the most popular foods for kids this can be a real struggle for parents of kids with food intolerances. Not at HELL though!

To make your life a little easier, HELL Pizza’s menu lists potential allergens – like dairy, gluten or nuts – for each pizza in their range.

For dairy intolerances, there’s an option to substitute cheese for dairy-free mozzarella (at no extra charge!). And for those with gluten intolerances or allergies, HELL Pizza have you covered, offering:

  • Two different gluten-free bases (seeded and not)
  • Gluten-free pizza sauce (spread with a clean spoon)
  • Staff use a designated gluten-free spatula, pizza tray, tray grippers, and pizza blade
  • Staff also wear separate aprons and fresh gloves while preparing gluten-free pizzas

They even have gluten and dairy-free garlic bread!

Check out the HELL Pizza menu

It’s greener in Hell

HELL are pretty excited that they have a Carbon Neutral head office and delivery service along with most of the packaging being recycled and recyclable – don’t forget your old pizza boxes can be put in the green waste bin.

HELL pizza’s are also 100% guaranteed free-range.

For those following a vegetarian or vegan diet, there is also an entire Plant Powered menu, with a range of tasty pizza options. The toppings on offer include plant-based chorizo, patties and nuggets, Quorn, dairy-free mozzarella plus the usual range of veges, olives, jalapeno and sauces.

Check out the Plant Powered Menu

Hellthy kids pizzas

In addition to their usual pizza range, HELL also have smaller 333 Kids Pizzas which pass the FSANZ Nutrient Profiling Scoring Standard 1.2.7. This checks the healthiness of foods by balancing out ‘bad’ high energy, saturated fats, sugar and salts with ‘good’ points from fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, protein and fibre.

HELL 333 kids’ pizzas are:

  • Very high in protein and calcium
  • High in fibre
  • Low in sugar
  • A source of iron, magnesium, and zinc
  • Damned tasty!

The 333 Hellthy Kids Pizza’s can be gluten, dairy and nut free too with the kids choice of topping. And if you have a non-pizza eater HELL have a range of sides and salads too.

Check out the 333 kids menu

A sweet ending

Those with dietary requirements are not forgotten when it comes to the sweet stuff. EatKinda is a new plant-based dessert made without dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, or artificial stuff and is developed and produced in Aotearoa. Only available at HELL Pizza, there are two great flavours – Mint Choc Bikkie and Strawberry Swirl.

Made more sustainably and delivered in a home compostable cup, its melting point is much higher than traditional ice-cream so it will arrive at yours in perfect shape.

Check out eatkinda

Kids eat FREE during the school holidays!

Escape the wrath of slaving away in the kitchen feeding your little devils! Instead, head into the fiery pits of HELL to be treated to FREE kids pizza during the school holidays. Simply spend $25 or more and add one of the promo codes below to feed your offspring for free.

  • 1x 333 Pizza with $25 spend – Promo code – 1LITTLEDEVIL
  • 2x 333 Pizza with $30 spend – Promo code – 2LITTLEDEVILS
  • 3x 333 Pizza with $35 spend – Promo code – 3LITTLEDEVILS

Offer available during school holidays. Only available once per day, per customer. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Remember to add the 333 Hellthy Kids Pizza(s) to your order and then enter the promo code. Standard T&C’s apply. Click here to find out more.

Kids eat FREE

This article was written by Kidspot with information provided by HELL Pizza.

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