6 Things You HAVE To Do These Winter Holidays

The winter school holidays are often the hardest to negotiate with the weather putting a dampener on many activities. However, it is still a grea time to rest, recharge, reconnect, and enjoy some free time.

Even though its winter, and any possible overseas travel is off the cards, a stay at home holiday can be just as special.

We have 6 fun things to do this winter holiday to make a memorable time together.

1. Family movie night

There are loads of amazing family movies available on the plethora of streaming services so get the kids to make a blanket fort, and choose their favourite toy friend to join in the the fun. Microwave some popcorn and you’ve got the perfect at-home movie night.

2. Visit somewhere you’ve never been

You’ve probably been meaning to visit somewhere local and never got around to it? Well now is the perfect time! An activity, a fantastic walk, a family friendly dining place, even the library. Tick it off your list! Try a free family day out in one of these five cities.

3. Geocache

A more technical version of painted rock hunting is geocaching where you use your phone to find a cache which is typically a small waterproof container that contains a log book where you can record you have found it. Some people like to leave a wee trinket for others to find too.

The geocache website has all your local geocaches listed – choose which one you want to find, charge the phones, take a torch and off you go!  Visit the Geocache website.

4. Make a Tik Tok

Tik Tok is hugely popular at the moment so choose a dance, get everyone to learn it and join in the fun. If you are worried that you won’t be able to learn it, watch this game Dad learning the most popular Tik Tok dance – you’ll probably back yourself to have better timing at least!

5. Become a Kiwi Guardian

Kiwi Guardian is an activity programme helping kids connect with nature, go on epic guided adventures and earn cool rewards. Choose one of the hundreds of special locations around New Zealand, download the map before you go, then explore the site, and tell DOC the code word to get a special reward in the post. The kids can also earn a medal from home with heaps of Guardian activities available. Read more.

6. Write a letter

Bring back the excitement of finding a letter in the box that you actually want to receive and encourage the kids to write a letter to a special family member, or even someone famous. The Royal Family, politicians, and grandparents are all likely to reply.

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