family health

It’s important – and difficult – to keep your family as healthy as you can all-year round.

We have health tips for the different stages of childhood, as well as information about common illnesses, infections, conditions and disorders.

Eye health

Looking after your child’s eye health

Our children are using screens in an unprecedented manner. Find out how to look after your child's eye health ...
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family laundry

How to get your washing hygienically clean

After we do our laundry we can see if it is visibly clean but germs can survive a normal washing cycle so how can we ensure it's also hygienically clean? ...
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Meditation and yoga: improving your family’s wellbeing

Meditation and yoga are forms of relaxation and exercise that are great for the body ...
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Toddler hygiene

At this age, he isn’t old enough to be entirely in charge of his personal ...
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5 Tips For Keeping The Kids Warm At Night

5 Tips For Keeping The Kids Warm At Night

Tired of the kids kicking the covers off and getting cold during the night? Try ...
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The common cold

The common cold

Young children can have five to ten colds a year. Find out what you can ...
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The difference between hayfever and a cold

When your child is sneezing, sniffing and spluttering, do you automatically think it's another cold, ...
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health remedies

6 of the Best Foods to Fight Cold and Flu

Fight cold and flu symptoms by eating foods packed with antioxidants and immune-boosting properties such ...
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kids health


Tiniest Baby Boy Gets to Go Home

A baby born in Japan weighing just 268g (9.45oz) has been cleared to go home ...
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toddler exercise

Is My Toddler Getting Enough Exercise?

Toddlers need a minimum of three hours exercise a day, while school-aged children should have ...
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All about tonsillitis

The tonsils are little buds at the back of the throat and are part of ...
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school health

Keeping kids healthy throughout the school year

To make sure your little academic can make the most of the school year, we’ve ...
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Glue ear and grommets

Find out about glue ear and grommets and how to ensure your child is getting ...
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105 Is The New Non-Emergency Number

NZ Police have a new non-emergency number - you can now call 105. Just remember, ...
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