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Puffin Christmas
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Merry Christmas to our Puffin’s Little Book Club!

Puffin is home to some of the very best stories for young readers (and readers who are young at heart!). Here we’ve discovered magical adventures and fascinating characters, built to spark a lifelong
love of reading in our little ones.

Read on and remember, there’s always time for stories… especially at Christmas!

puffins Christmas picks

Give the Gift of Reading!

Beautiful books make brilliant gifts, and Puffin have great gifting options for all ages. From board books to chapter books, they’ve got all readers covered! ...
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puffin book prize

Win an Epic Puffin Kids Book Prize Pack!

To celebrate Puffin’s 80th Anniversary year coming to a close, our friends at Penguin Kids NZ are giving away this epic kids book prize pack!! 📚 ...
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I am the Universe

Beautiful books make brilliant gifts, and Puffin have great gifting options for all ages. From board books to chapter books, they’ve got all readers covered!

Give the gift of reading this Christmas with Puffin’s Christmas Picks!

📖 Slinky Malinki 123

📖 Amazing Aotearoa Activity Book

📖 The Deep End: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (15)

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Puffin’s Book of the Month 2020 Reviews

Hound the Detective

Hound the Detective | Book Review

Another gorgeous book from the author who both wrote and illustrated award winning book Puffin the Architect, Kimberly. This time we meet Hound, a brilliant detective who sniffs and solves ...
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ebooks for kids

E-books Your Young Reader Can Get Stuck Into

Looking for a new book series to get your young reader stuck into? This month we’re bringing you the best series for junior readers, available as e-books, along with some ...
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Kiwi Baby

Kiwi Baby | Book Review

If you're a parent who has introduced a new sibling to your child or you're about to, you'll be aware of the process around this super significant event! ...
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I Am the Universe

I Am The Universe | Book Review

A delightful illustrated story about our place in the Universe with a billion star rating. From glittering galaxies, to jam packed city streets, from under the sea to the Milky Way ...
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Abigail and the restless raindrop

Abigail and the Restless Raindrop | Book Review

Now Abigail is back, with the next big question and this time she asks how the heck does water get in the clouds? ...
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amazing aotearoa activity book

Amazing Aotearoa Activity Book | Book Review

From the same author of the incredible picture book Wildlife of Aotearoa, Gavin Bishop, comes The Amazing Aotearoa Activity Book - and it’s awesome! There’s 60+ games, puzzles and activities ...
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Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead | Book Review

Meet Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, who hopes the things she’s done will help everyone, especially children, to believe that they can do great things too ...
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The midnight adventures of ruru and kiwi

The Midnight Adventures of Ruru and Kiwi | Book Review

If you’re familiar with the Edward Lear rhyme The Owl and the Pussycat then this book will be instantly recognisable to you! A delightful Kiwi adaption, if you like, of ...
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Make the most of the loveable characters and exciting adventures from our books of the month with these fun activities!

Click the images below, download, print and let their little imaginations continue to grow…

amazing aotearoa activity pack

Have more awesome learning fun The Amazing Aotearoa activity pack! The kids can do Wordfinder Warrior, Land Loss Labyrinth, play a game of Eels and Hooks, and get creative with their own story – what would be their super power?!

I am the Universe

With big wide eyes that have been inspired by the wonder of the universe, the earth, and their place in it, your kids can get creative and have fun colouring in our solar system with this I am the Universe colouring sheet!

Hound the Detective

After searching for clues hidden in the pictures and helping Hound, a brilliant detective, to solve the riddle in Hound the Detective, help him solve another case in this puzzling Spot the Difference activity!

Abigail and the Restless Raindrop

After reading the sweet story of Abigail and the Restless Raindrop you can let your kiddies wonder about the world and think up their own big questions as they colour in the sweet line drawing of a girl looking at raindrops and wondering about the the world around her.

Kiwi Baby bunting

If you’re awaiting the arrival of your very own Kiwi Baby with the almost Big Sibling eagerly or hesitantly awaiting too, the family could start preparing to welcome baby home with this cute Kiwi Baby activity – Kiwi Baby Bunting! You’ll need to print the bunting, some scissors (for mum or dad), sticky tape or wooden pegs, and string or ribbon. Have fun!

the midnight adventures of ruru and kiwi activity sheet

After exercising your child’s imagination by taking an adventure in the forest with the nocturnal creatures busy in the moonlight feasting and dancing with glee, get the kids to design their very own party invitation to their very own midnight feast inspired by the delightful tale.

Showtym Activity pack

Read Dandy the Mountain Pony, book one of the Showtym Adventures the bestselling series inspired by true stories from the Wilson sisters’ childhoods as they first encounter horses in the wild and learn what it takes to make them champions. And get your kids to try their hand at the Crossword, Wordfind and Spot the Difference activities!

Dahl activity pack

Roald Dahl books are a must for a young reader’s bookshelves. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda are big fan favourites! But since the movie is scheduled for release later this year, why not try The Witches. Then get your kid’s imagination into gear for the Invention Room, and colouring creativity for their very own DO NOT DISTURB door hangers!

Hidden Oracle activity

The Trials of Apollo is a rip roaring adventure series that needs to be read chronologically beginning with book one- The Hidden Oracle. Get the kids to try out the Hidden Oracle Word Search!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Greg Mask activity

Is your kid familiar with the trials and tribulations of Greg Heffley? If not, with fourteen books in the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series so far, there’s plenty to keep them going for a while! And get the kids creating their own Greg Heffley mask BOOH-YAH!

Taking the lead word grid

After you’ve followed Jacinda Ardern’s path to leadership get your own little trailblazers to try out this word grid. Can they find them all?!