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Welcome to our Puffin’s Little Book Club!

If you’re new to our club Puffin is home to some of the very best stories for young readers!

We discover magical adventures, fascinating characters, explore worlds and learn all sorts of facts in our Books of the Month, written to spark a lifelong love of reading in our little ones.

Join us and remember, there’s always time for stories!

atua maori gods

Atua: Māori Gods and Heroes | Book Review

Each story is rich with detail about our Māori tales so you’re introduced to the story, the characters, the language and the deeper meaning behind some of the most familiar ...
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atua maori gods

Win 1 of 2 Copies of Atua Maori Gods

Meet the gods, demigods and heroes of the Maori people of Aotearoa in this breathtaking, large-scale illustrated book for children by Gavin Bishop ...
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atua maori gods

Gavin Bishop’s stunning, once-in-a-generation compendium introduces readers to the pantheon of Maori gods, demigods and heroes, and explores Aotearoa’s most exciting legends from the Creation to the Migration.

Meet the gods, demigods and heroes of the Maori people of Aotearoa in this breathtaking, large-scale illustrated book for children.

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Puffin’s Book of the Month 2021 Reviews

my elephant is blue

My Elephant Is Blue | Book Review

Difficult emotions are not easy to chat about, or even easy to detect which principle ...
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where's bluey?

Bluey: Where’s Bluey? | Book Review

The boys LOVED this book. Fans of Bluey and Bingo already, they knew the beloved ...
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Little Kiwi and the Goodnight sing song

Little Kiwi and the Goodnight Sing-Song | Book Review

Little Kiwi and the Goodnight Sing-Song is like a lullaby before bed. The lift-the-flap story ...
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moose the pilot

Moose The Pilot | Book Review

Set in the world of Puffin the Architect and her friends, the adventures of the ...
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the adventures of mittens

The Adventures of Mittens | Book Review

A delightful story about Mittens' adventures around NZ's capital city, and all the lives he ...
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Make the most of the loveable characters and exciting adventures you discover this year in our Books of the Month with our fun activities!

Click the images below, download, print and let little imaginations continue to grow…


After reading Mittens and following the famous kitty’s adventurous day your kiddies can colour in a collar for Mittens (or their own cat) making it as crazy creative or  silly or as simple as they wish!

Little Unicorn Ten Minutes to Bed

Colour in the sweet Little Unicorn as a daytime activity before you tuck the kiddies into bed to read one of the books from the Ten Minutes to Bed series, written specifically with the aim of calming little ones before bedtime.

Moose the Pilot paper plane activity

Enjoy designing a paper plane from Moose the Pilot and use the instructions to fold and build your own paper plane! Design a few paper planes and see how far and high you can fly your planes!

Where's Bluey activity pack

Print this awesome Bluey activity pack so your kiddies can host their very own Bluey Book Club! Print masks, colour in, make Bluey, Bingo, Coco and Snickers bunting and see the steps on how to get hosting your Bluey Book Club!

Tricky Topics

Something a bit different for our club this month, instead of an activity sheet, we have a digital guide to books dealing with tricky topics. Sometimes raising issues like anxiety, depression or bullying with our children can feel impossible. Books can be a great gateway to these conversations.

Little Kiwi Goodnight Song

Enjoy colouring in Little Kiwi as he lays in his nest with all the noisy critters around him keeping him awake!