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Looking for convenient meal solutions at the end of a busy day? Hellers are here to make your life a whole lot easier and your dinner a lot yummier! Their new range of Hellers Crafty Cooks Diced Chorizo and Bacon Strips are here to do just that.

Ready to eat, you can add these in to your favourite dishes for quick and easy meals for your tribe. They’re in convenient twin packs so you can keep them fresher for longer. They’re also made in NZ and gluten-free with no artificial colours or flavours.

Unleash your inner chef and use these in frittatas, risottos, pastas, fried rice and salads – the list goes on! What do you think you’d use them in?

The Hellers Crafty Cooks range is available from Countdown stores nationwide and select Foodstuffs stores.

Caesar Salad with Hellers Diced Chorizo
Summer Frittata with Hellers Bacon Strips

We’ve given 100 families the chance to trial and review Hellers Crafty Cooks Diced Chorizo. See their photos and feedback below and read more of their reviews in the comments.

That was an easy Saturday night dinner and so healthy too 💕 Was so easy, hardly any prep, and best of all everyone loved it 😋


… A very tasty and versatile product, thank you again for allowing us to trial it.


Overall, this was an awesome solution to weeknight meals. Super convenient, really tasty and a family favourite, making it a sure-fire winner …


The diced Hellers Chorizo is so tasty and super convenient. We used the chorizo in pasta carbonara and fried rice … Great product! Thank you for this delicious trial.


… There is so much potential in using these ready to eat diced little morsels. One of my boys have asked for pieces in his school lunchbox tomorrow – so chorizo he shall get! … the Gluten Free factor is a huge positive … I think Hellers Crafty Cooks range might just have to be on our weekly shopping list as the whole fam gave them the big thumbs up!


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  1. MuddledUpMolly 28/05/2023 at 8:13 pm

    Unfortunately had a little trouble initially finding this item in stock but was able to come across it at my local Countdown supermarket. The first pack I took off the shelf had expired so had to find a newer pack at the back. I was wondering if this was due to the price, quite expensive for a small pack. We were chosen to trial the chorizo and used as the main topping on homemade pizzas. They did not disappoint, nice and tasty and our tamariki loved it. I also really enjoyed how convenient the pack was and no need to precook the meat. It was great to try this product and I have no doubt it would have been yummy in a pasta dish or similar. Thank you for the opportunity to review 🙂

  2. Em.hendo 24/05/2023 at 5:36 pm

    These took a while to arrive in my town but when they finally showed up they didn’t disappoint! i made a cream chorizo pasta, usually my sons pick the pasta out of dinner but this time they picked the chorizo out! I gave the chorizo a fry before adding to the meal to give it some colour and my boys asked for just a bowl of the ‘little salamis’. I will definitely be buying this again!

  3. cparminter 22/05/2023 at 4:09 pm

    I take chorizo seriously and love it, so I was pleased when I got the voucher for Chorizo. I take chorizo seriously and clearly remember the best chorizo I have ever had which was with a big breakfast meal in a cafe in Whangarei when I was visiting for work.It was incredible.
    It did take a while to find the product in a supermarket. Not in Countdown, and the first New World I checked in had stock that had past it’s BB date. Eventually I did find some that hadn’t passed the BB date. They are nice and it’s a good product and unique on the market, but it’s yum, but not the best tasting chorizo I’ve ever had. I feel like the most important thing is to ADD PAPRIKA! All the best chorizo has paprika in it, and it would do 2 things a.) make it taste nicer and b.) make it have a better appearance on the shelf and in dishes – giving it a lovely red colour rather than pale pink. The amount of salt in the product is spot on, don’t change that. The other thing I would suggest is that you add more garlic. There might be a few people that try it and think it’s too strong but at the same time you will be adding loyal chorizo fans who wouldn’t reach for anything else. There are too many mild, tasteless prepared products in the supermarket and if you can avoid being another one then you have done well.

  4. Becks Kinross 16/05/2023 at 4:43 pm

    It was quite the mission to find this product hence my delayed post! We decided to use it as a topping on our chicken and vegetable and cheese bake for dinner and it was great! Would love to try the bacon next time!

  5. Stepankatoby 15/05/2023 at 9:35 am

    This product looks not the nicest colour at first but the taste is super awesome. We made little pizzas and add these chorizo cubes on it and it was delicious.
    I would definitely buy it again. Thank you.

  6. QuinBrax 14/05/2023 at 6:00 pm

    I struggled to find these however finally found them at Pak n Save where we don’t usually go as its not as close to us. We used the diced chorizo in a salad and then the next day made a cheese and chorizo pizza yummy!
    I think its a great filler for salads if you want something quick and tasty and a convenient addition for pizza topping! I’m unsure if I would purchase as I think its a bit pricey but may try the bacon strips

  7. Chrislean 14/05/2023 at 9:43 am

    My son has been waiting for Mothers Day to cook me a delicious breakfast using Hellers diced Cherizo.
    He cooked up an omelette, using 2 eggs and some milk. When it was cooking he placed a small handful of diced Cherizo and some grated cheese into the omlette.
    Served up with toast, it was the tastiest most delicious omlette ever.
    The small packet the Cherizo came in, made for no waste as he didn’t need to open the second half.
    The Cherizo was tasty, the right bit of spice and the perfect size pieces.

  8. KellyCarr 12/05/2023 at 10:19 pm

    We had some trouble trying to locate this product, but I finally got my hands on it.
    The the packaging very vibrant and loved the colours.

    We used the Chorizo on some homemade pizzas. My youngest son found it quite spicy but myself, husband and our eldest son really liked it. Full of flavour and very convenient and handy if you want to make something quick and easy for lunch or dinner. Would love to try this in a mac n cheese i think it would add heaps of flavour to tge dish.

    Overall we loved the product and were very happy with it. Will definitely recommend and will be buying again. Thank you for the opportunity to review this product.

  9. Nicola.C 12/05/2023 at 11:20 am

    Found these at our local New World. We made two meals with these. Home made pizzas which the diced chorizo was perfect for. Quick and easy to add to the toppings. A little spicy for the little kids but ok for the older kids and adults. Gave the pizza a great taste.

    We also added to a pasta dish. Also enjoy this but again a little bit spicy for miss 4 and 7. Would buy this again depending on price.

  10. terry100 10/05/2023 at 12:02 pm

    I was sent a voucher for the Chorizo but couldn’t find this product in my local New World, or Pak N Save, but was finally able to find it in Countdown. I do think they are a bit on the pricey side, but wow, I loved the convenience!! I used both packets to make two pizzas, one packet was the perfect amount for one pizza. The chorizo had a bit of a kick to it with spiciness, but overall the flavour was great. Everyone in our family really enjoyed both pizzas. It would also be perfect for salads and pasta dishes. The size of the pieces was perfect. If this is on special, I will definitely purchase this in future. Thank you for the opportunity to trial these 🙂

  11. Natsyt 10/05/2023 at 8:39 am

    Had a bit of trouble to find this product in a few stores I went to intentionally to find it. Finally got my hands on them in a Pak n Save store. Loved the packaging and vibrant colour which makes it stand out. The texture on it’s own was already great and flavoursome. We used it in our fried rice and my son loved it despite being a little spicy. I would say it is conveniently handy to use and reduces wastage with individual packaging. However, the price of $5.90 a pack of 200g is not ideal. Still, happy to have a chance to trial it though. Thanks.

  12. sunesh.bipat 06/05/2023 at 6:08 pm

    Found this product easily at Pak n Sav. Used it on home-made pizza and was a great addition to my home-made meatlovers. Might buy again pending on pricing. Will try in a risotto next.

  13. MelE81 06/05/2023 at 12:06 pm

    We recently tried the Crafty Cooked Diced Chorizo from Hellers, and we were thoroughly impressed. The two-pack was incredibly convenient and made meal preparation a breeze. I used one pack to make a delicious fried rice dish with scrambled eggs, and my son absolutely loved it. The chorizo added a wonderful burst of flavor that really elevated the dish.

    The next day, I used the second pack to make a pasta bake, and it turned out to be a huge hit with everyone. The chorizo gave the dish a delicious, smoky flavor that perfectly complemented the other ingredients. It was so delicious that we decided to stock up on the product when it goes on special.

    Aside from using it in dishes, my son also enjoys snacking on the chorizo on its own. It’s the perfect solution for those busy nights when you want something quick and easy to prepare, without compromising on taste. Overall, we highly recommend the Hellers Crafty Cooked Diced Chorizo – it’s a game-changer in the kitchen!

  14. Dharris 06/05/2023 at 7:27 am

    Had a bit of trouble locating it in a store.
    Made pizzas with it and everyone loved it.
    The twin packs were great to use as portions. Would buy again

  15. bunnyandboo 05/05/2023 at 10:00 pm

    I added this to a pasta dish and it was enjoyed by the whole family! The chorizo is a bit on the spicy side but, no complaints from our girls aged 10 and 7 and it really added a great flavour to the dish.

    Having the chorizo already diced was super convenient and made the meal quick, easy and tasty! $5.50 a pack is a fair price for the amount you get and the convenience! A handy ingredient to keep in the fridge!

  16. Stacie29 05/05/2023 at 9:32 pm

    I searched high & low for the chorizo pack & could not for the life of me find them! I asked my local supermarkets & they said they wouldn’t be ordering any in. So unfortunately I didn’t even get to try the chorizo! But I did grab the bacon & it was amazing! So convenient! I’ve had it on toast, in an omelette & a bacon & egg pie! (Pictured). I wish I could have tried the chorizo though!

  17. Rebekkaa 02/05/2023 at 10:24 am

    What a mission!! Had to go to about 7 different stores more than once to find the chorizo!
    My kids found it too spicy but my husband was a big fan. I found it didn’t taste so much like the chorizo sausages like I thought it would but it was still nice. I made 2 dishes. Fried rice with chorizo & a vege rice bowl with chorizo. If they were to bring out more options i would definitely add them to my weekly shop as they are super convenient & great for last minute dinner options which I have to do a lot cause I always forget to get the meat out of the freezer!

  18. briii12 01/05/2023 at 9:04 am

    Had a bit of trouble finding the chorizo in store but finally got my hands on some! Not something I would usually go for , and after trying it and knowing the price of it (2pks for $15), it’s probably not something I would purchase myself. I do love the convenience of it though (and I’ve tried the diced bacon and love that!). Anywho, I used the chorizo in a mac n cheese dish & for a pizza topping and it did the job; the meals were enjoyed. Always appreciate the opportunity to review products. Thankyou 🙂

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