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The Arnott’s range of teeVee Snacks come in a great variety of shapes and flavours and are a really fun treat to have in the cupboard for something a bit different.

We were lucky enough to try five Arnott’s teeVee Snacks flavours (Birthday Cake, Malt Sticks, Original, Honeycomb Chocolate, and Chocolate Brownie) and they came almost everywhere with us this summer.

Out and about

After a very busy morning on the beach playing on a giant inflatable obstacle course in the ocean, bodyboarding and throwing a ball around, the kids were suitably hungry by midday. After some nourishing sandwiches and fruit, I broke out the Birthday Cake teeVee Snacks as a treat and they were a total hit!

teeVee snacks - birthday cake

The kids loved the X and O shapes of the snacks, and the flavour combo was delicious – they really did taste like birthday cake, with crunchy vanilla and sprinkles on one side and a chocolate coating on the other side.

Once the kids were refuelled, they went back to their activities and then the only challenge was how to keep the grown-ups from gobbling them all up when the kids weren’t looking!

We took the Honeycomb Chocolate flavour with us on a day trip to the lake, so that after some dune sliding and cooling off in the water we could have a lovely picnic on the lake bank. The kids ate their lunch first and then tucked into the teeVee snacks for an after-lunch treat. There were lots of “yummmm” and “these are so good!” comments from all of them before they jumped back into the lake.

As the one packing the picnic and trying to fit everything into a backpack, I appreciated the size of the teeVee Snacks boxes – they’re big enough to feel like you’re getting good value and a decent amount inside, yet small enough to pack easily, with a box sturdy enough to keep the contents being crushed inside.

Playdate perfection

playdate snacks

The summer holidays were also full of playdates, and I found teeVee Snacks to be a fantastic addition to the snack platters I usually put together when I have a bunch of kids at our house. Along with mini sandwiches, cheese sticks, and fruit, I added the Original flavour teeVee Snacks to the platter as a treat. These also come in cute shapes and the kids loved picking out their favourites.

The Original flavour is chocolate-coated and satisfyingly crunchy inside – delicious! Having them on the platter provided a small sweet treat that kept the kids happy but not overloaded with sugar, which makes them a perfect bite-sized option to include.

A pantry staple

With two more weeks of the school holidays remaining, I’m making sure we always have at least one box of teeVee Snacks in the cupboard. Even when the kids start school, I’ll include these in their lunchboxes on a Friday (which is the day I always slip in a little treat) and have them handy for after-school snacks before their sports and activities.

They would also be perfect for serving at birthday parties or other special occasions. While I like to keep an eye on how much sugar my kids eat, these are small enough to control the portion sizes you serve so that the kids are getting a sweet treat without the massive sugar hit.

The bright colourful packaging certainly grabs your attention and the flavours and shapes are really fun for kids. This was a great summer discovery and one worth checking out if you haven’t already.

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Arnott’s teeVee snacks provided Kidspot with Birthday Cake, Malt Sticks, Original, Honeycomb Chocolate, and Chocolate Brownie teeVee snacks for this review. All views are those of the writer.

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