Smart Hacks To Keep Your Child Learning Over The Holidays

School’s out, but that doesn’t mean that learning stops once the holidays are here. Try these hacks to get your child to learn valuable skills and help them to become responsible and resourceful as they grow. 

School holidays are the perfect time for children to relax and have a break from the demands of school, and most kids will be taking advantage of it by sleeping in, playing video games, hanging out with friends, or perhaps just doing nothing at all.

Though most children prefer to take it easy over Christmas or while on term break holidays, parents should still make an effort to impart useful life skills at this time. Consider using the holidays as a platform for teaching and learning. Not only do you get the opportunity to spend more time with your little ones, but you also have the chance to teach them valuable skills that they may not learn in school.

Here are a few smart hacks to keep your child learning over the holidays.

Go on a getaway

Most Kiwis love to travel during the holidays, and last year, over 3 million people went on overseas vacations for some rest and relaxation. If you’ve got a free week to spend with the kids, why not take them on a trip outside the country? Involve your children during the planning stage so they’ll learn to do important things such as keeping their passport safe, researching destinations to visit or places where you can have great meals. Meanwhile, older kids can be involved in choosing accommodation, and they’ll learn to compare hotels and AirBnBs so you can get the best deals. Not only will they learn to be organised, but as travelling also exposes kids to different cultures, they’ll learn to be accepting and respectful of other people’s differences as they grow.

Encourage creativity

Unlock your child’s potential during the holidays by providing them with an outlet to unleash their creativity. Whether it’s playing an instrument, painting, photography, writing, dancing, or creating video logs, provide your child with the tools that he or she needs so they can stay engaged and be productive while school is out. For instance, if your little one is interested in visual arts, make sure that there are lots of art supplies at home, and take your child to a museum or gallery so they’ll know about the different art styles and mediums. And if they want to do cover dances of popular K-pop songs and post them on YouTube, offer to be their cameraman and figure out together how to edit the video before posting on the website. Whatever it is, encouraging a child’s creativity allows them to try out new ideas and solve problems, and it gives them an opportunity to think in a different way.

Let them help out

Perhaps one of the best ways to teach a child basic life skills is by allowing them to help you out with your daily chores. So let your little chef assist you with meal preparation, or have your child check off your grocery list as you go shopping for ingredients. Young children can do simple chores such as sorting laundry or pairing socks while you’re doing the wash, while older children can wash a load or two by themselves after you teach them how to use the washing machine. Teaching your child to do chores or run errands enables them to become more independent. Moreover, it helps them develop a strong work ethic, and they learn valuable planning and management skills. 

What learning activities do you do during the holidays?

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Sally Writes

This article was written by Sally Sykes with additional content by Kidspot NZ. Sally is a freelance writer who left her corporate job for a life of freedom. She regularly travels with her family and absolutely loves camping in the great outdoors.

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  1. Bevik1971 21/02/2020 at 10:00 am

    We try and keep our 7 year old’s mind active even when she’s not at school. We have a globe at home and she often will play around with it and find countries. I also encourage her to read, she is a really good reader, but can be a bit slack at times so needs encouragement. When we are out and about we show her things and explain what they are (nature etc), especially animals or bugs which she finds fascinating.

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