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Everything here is just for you!

We all know that life is about balance, but we also know how hard it can be to find a moment to yourself between school runs, sleepovers and sports games. To make sure you’re prioritising time to treat yourself, we’ve put together a special place just for you!

Here you’ll find some of our favourite beauty products, ideas for child-free getaways, wellness inspiration and more, all curated for Kiwi parents.


From skincare, style guides and ways to tame your locks, we have all your beauty inspo


Find the best podcasts, movies and books to keep you entertained


Ways to support your mental, physical and emotional health and wellness


Take time for your relationship and learn to decode your love language

Euro date night

It’s a Date! Best Spots to Wine and Dine in New Zealand

If it feels like many moons ago since you last spent some quality alone time with your significant other, get your priorities back in check, book a babysitter and reserve ...
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acorn tv

All Wiggled out? Treat your TV (and yourself) to sophisticated viewing with Acorn TV

Get your Brit-fix with a new wave of compelling crime and drama shows, available for the first time in New Zealand via streaming service Acorn TV ...
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Curve fashion

Fashion tips for women with curves

We want to celebrate curves and give them the royal treatment that they deserve! But ...
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What happens to your skin in summer

Our skin needs moisture to maintain its healthy glow, but unfortunately our harsh southern sun ...
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How to get the best sleep and wake refreshed

Whether you struggle to fall asleep or keep waking up throughout the night, we've got ...
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sperm production

Grow healthy sperm

Sperm that is healthy and plentiful is an essential ingredient to getting pregnant. Find out ...
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Debt proof your relationship

For many couples, money is a touchy subject that can lead to fiery arguments, resentment, ...
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Bondi Sands

Bust self tan myths with these quick tips

With warmer weather on the horizon and a host of social events on the calendar, ...
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