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Since 1947 Blistex has been cheerleading for happy, healthy lips and it’s delighted to introduce you to the newest family member – Agave Rescue. Packed with all the goodness of Agave, Peach, and Kakadu Plum extracts, this powerhouse lip balm will revitalise, soften and moisturise your lips like nothing else.

Compared to other skin on our body, our lips have the thinnest layers of skin along with fewer and different oil glands and no melanin – so it’s no surprise that wind, sun, cold, dry air and even sickness can cause them to dry out.

Introducing Agave Rescue

Agave is a super succulent and an ancient natural remedy, known for its healing properties and for containing vitamins for moisture that holds up in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

That’s why Blistex mobilised the power of more than 50 years of lip care expertise to develop a new lip balm that harnesses these healing and moisturising properties of agave.

Blistex Agave Rescue

Along with agave extract, the new Agave Rescue from Blistex contains Calendula to help soften and smooth chapped lips along with vitamins B1, C, D and K to deliver a burst of moisture.

Juicy fruits like peach and plum extracts are also incorporated to help revitalise the lips’ appearance while Coconut Oil and Natural Beeswax are also included to moisturise and protect lips.

The result is Agave Rescue – a powerhouse balm that moisturises lips for up to 24 hours.

  • Agave extract and Calendula help soften and soothe chapped lips
  • Peach and Kakadu plum extract revitalise the appearance
  • Coconut Oil and Natural Beeswax moisturise and protect lips
  • Lips are moisturised for up to 24 hours
  • Dermatologically tested

Blistex cares

It’s good to know, lip care experts Blistex, with over 70 years of experience in keeping your lips feeling smooth and hydrated, is continually innovating to produce a range of products to hydrate, condition and protect, no matter what conditions your lips are dealing with. 

Blistex Agave Rescue is available at pharmacies nationwide including Chemist Warehouse and Bargain Chemist.

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