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Online safety for kids

Keeping Your Family Safe Online

As we spend more time online, the risk of something going wrong increases. Find out ...
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Cantonese Beef Stew

Lee Kum Kee Slow Cook Sauce for Cantonese Beef Stew

Slow cooked Classic Cantonese perfection. Hearty and flavoursome Beef Stew is popular in Cantonese cuisine ...
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baby skincare

The special character of babies’ skin

Your baby’s skin is still developing after birth, and is five times thinner than adults’, ...
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Put Kids’ Energy To Good Use

school gen

Looking for fun experiments and challenges to keep your kids occupied these school holidays?  Through Genesis School-gen, kids now have free access to Mind Lab Kids – a safe online space to create, innovate and share their creations.

Getting kids on their way to doing some cool activities while learning at the same time is as simple as registering at Genesis School-gen.

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spotlight on holidays

✨ School holidays

The July school holidays run from 4th July – 19th July 2020

Looking for a little inspiration to make the most of the school holidays? Whether you’re getting ready to jump in the car and head on a backyard break, you’re looking for a family deal, trying to find some indoor play ideas or you just want to know what’s on, we have you covered.

We’d also love if you could support local businesses these holidays! See some of our favourite family activities and school holiday programmes below + search for options in your area in our wider directory.


Hygiene Hotspots Around the Home

A healthy home is a happy home. And a healthy home is one that has good hygiene at its heart ...
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connect 4 blast

Connect 4 Blast For Fast and Furious Fun

Looking for a new family favourite game? Nerf Connect 4 Blast is a fresh and fun-filled take on a family ...
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family laundry

How to get your washing hygienically clean

After we do our laundry we can see if it is visibly clean but germs can survive a normal washing ...
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Essential pregnancy equipment

Find out a few things that are essential to making your life easier during ...
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Honey & Soy Chicken

Lee Kum Kee Slow Cook Sauce for Classic Honey & Soy Chicken

Slow cooked Classic Cantonese perfection. Honey & Soy Chicken with its delicate flavours of ...
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Ginger Crunch

Delicious Ginger Crunch

Ginger Crunch is a kiwi classic for a good reason - it's so delicious! ...
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