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Time with the family is precious, especially during these busy times when we can easily get caught up with work and other commitments.

Find out how to make the most of the time you spend with your family – whether it’s for a special occasion like a birthday, during the school holidays, a family trip away or just some fun family time at home.

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Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo April School Holidays

There's always something to see and do at Auckland Zoo and these April 2019 holidays are no different! In addition to the usual fun, these holidays we are also proud ...
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Gold Coast

Best Things to Do on a Gold Coast Family Holiday

If sandy beaches, exciting theme parks, superb shopping, and fantastic activities, all wrapped up in copious amounts of sunshine is what you dream of in the ideal holiday, then the ...
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beach safety

Water safety for families

Remember, drowning is a silent action and can take only a minute. You will not ...
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dressup parties

Eight great tips for dress-up parties

Kids love fancy dress parties. Here's some top dress up party theme ideas and online ...
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21 no-mess, fuss-free picnic ideas

Picnics should be an easy and no-fuss way to enjoy a family meal outside. We've ...
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Snowplanet April school holiday programme

Snowplanet’s School Holiday Programs offers a great environment for children aged 5-16 years to learn ...
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Mind that child

Mind That Child by Dr Simon Rowley

Renowned New Zealand neonatal paediatrician Dr Simon Rowley is a real life hero. Read the ...
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Fiji Flight Centre

The perfect family friendly holiday destination

No matter if  you are an active relaxer, more in to 'flop and drop' holidays, ...
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school sport

Rugby league

Rugby is a great way to keep your kids active throughout the year and get ...
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