12 Poem Starters Inspired By Roar Squeak Purr – A New Zealand Treasury Of Animal Poems

Roar Squeak Purr is an exuberant treasury of over 200 animal poems by New Zealand’s best writers, many of them children. Now you can create your own poems with these 12 amazing poem starters, designed to inspire a new generation of poets.

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Star New Zealand poet Paula Green has teamed up with illustrator Jenny Cooper and collated a marvellous menagerie of animal poems to show just how fun poetry can be. In between the covers of this book, you will meet creatures large and small. They might pad, skitter, swoosh or soar. They could be fuzzy, feathery, suckery, scaly or spiky. These animals might ROAR or squeak or Purrrrrrrrrr. Just like the animals they’re about, these poems come in all shapes and sizes! They tell stories, pose questions, make us feel things – and they all make glorious music.

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Now the cheeky, whimsical animals have put together an amazing poem inspiration sheet. Download it below  ⬇️

Roar Squeak Purr
Roar Squeak Purr A New Zealand Treasury of Animal Poems

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